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I"m 20 and I"ve recently been working as a mentor with a group of 16 year old students. Anyway I"ve gotten quite close to one of them and we get on really well. She flirts with me a lot and sometimes I do flirt back and I"ve started to realise that I do like her. I wouldn"t do anything while I"m still at work since it isn"t allowed but I was thinking about asking her out when my job has finished. Do you think this is a good idea or not and why? Do you think it"s ok for a 20 year old guy to date a 16 year old girl?

The short answer is YES.The age gap is not at all an issue. There"re thousands of happy muzic-ivan.infouples with decades between them. The main issue is that you are her mentor. Besides the obvious legal restrictions, there"s also the point that her perceived attraction cannot be fully relied on. It is very easy, especially for the very young, to misinterpret admiration, appreciation, and adoration for attraction. This is even why, for example, there are regulations in certain jurisdictions muzic-ivan.infontrolling relationships between psychiatrists and their patients.All in all, nobody should stand in the way of true love. The issue is now knowing whether that love is true

In general I would say yes it is since she"s of legal age, but it seems inappropriate while you"re her mentor.

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When I was 16 I was in a relationship with a much older guy, at the time I thought it was fine, but looking back on it now, I see how wrong it was. That being said, age is just a number and you"re only talking 4 years here.The problem here is not the age. As you said it isn"t allowed at work, the reason for this is because you are in a position of trust and superiority. If anything was to happen it would be muzic-ivan.infonstrued as grooming and as she is under the age of 18 she is a minor. My suggestion is if you genuinely think that you are meant for each other, hold off, build up a friendship outside of work AFTER you have left and let that friendship blossom into something. However, if this is just an interest, do not pursue, the risks are far too high for this situation plus you"re both at different stages of your life and will soon want different things from each other.Good luck!