How crazy of an idea is this? My household is moving from Georgia to LA in a few months and I’d love to rent a 1 bedroom apartment for the initially year.

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For recommendation, both children presently sleep in our king dimension bed (fun, I know). My 6 year old has actually disability, the 2 year old is still nursing and is incredibly a lot attached to us. We own our house and they presently have actually their very own room/beds however never before, ever before sleep in them. My companion stays house with the youngsters and also does schooling, day-to-day outings/tasks, and so on They are either doing somepoint at house or are out and also around each day.

I’m trying to figure out if 1, this is a feasible principle overall (whether or not it’ll feel too tight, etc) and 2, if it’s reasonable that a landlord will rent a 1 bedroom unit to a family of 4.

Thanks in advance!


Max allowable occupancy of a 1 bedroom is 3 world so you’d have to uncover a landlord that’s okay through violating occupancy legislations.

It will be incredibly challenging to discover a landlord that will enable this, as it is illegal. However, there are plenty of households that live via 4+ world in a 1 bed in LA. Unfortunately, you will probably have to live in a low-earnings neighborhood in an old, run-down, slumlord-run place to obtain ameans with this. The major property administration service providers won’t permit it, and also many small mom-n-pop landlords I’ve come across are incredibly diligent choosing tenants and also following real estate rules.

Didn’t know about the legality legislations. A lot of civilization in LA live in overcrowded real estate though, so someone is making exceptions or people aren’t getting put on leases.

definitely consider square footage and not simply variety of rooms once looking at apartments. One bedroom deserve to intend pretty tiny or sensibly spacious.

from previous rental searches, I’ve uncovered that 2 bedrooms aren’t normally priced that much over one bedrooms and also may offer your family members some room to spread out. Even if you all end up resting in one room, it might be nice to have actually space if among you wants to be alone to play, job-related, or whatever else.

also consider what type of outdoor space you’re searching for. In apartments this deserve to be challenging, however finding a building via a closed off yard wbelow the youngsters have the right to play or the majority of green space might alleviate the require for a bigger apartment.

Adding to this: acquire ready for some tiny, tiny bedrooms. You will have actually trouble finding grasp bedroom in a house sized.

Have you watched the pricing for apartments in LA or the locations that you would certainly hope to live in yet? If you are coming from a 3 bedroom residence in GA to a 1 bedroom in LA, with a impairment 6 yr old and also a nursing baby, I would certainly not say it would certainly be a perfect situation for you or for your neighbors. I understand I have actually heard of 4 world living in a one bedroom, yet please check out the possibilities prior to moving! I’ve heard many people from out of state talk around how they had actually no principle just how extremely expensive it is below, and also how much everything is, or how much time it takes to gain from suggest A to allude B. Good Luck.

Yeah, its doable. Paleas in the bedroom, youngsters in the living room? I understand a couple human being that have actually tiny families in a one bedroom. If you have the right to perform 2 bedroom it will more than likely be more comfortable though, specifically if you are offered to having a residence. Good luck with the move!

I would examine your budgain and rental fees near your brand-new task first. It's pretty hard for a lot of civilization to get by on a single revenue with two kids in LA unmuch less you are making rather a bit or don't mind living in some less tha perfect problems.

I would certainly look into “loft style” one bedrooms as the second floor may provide you some extran area and also privacy if essential.

One time I absorbed my homie and his family once they ended up being homeless. To assist them get on their feet.

I had 8 world total living in my 2 bedroom 2 story townresidence apartment for like 2 months. Me and also my 2 family members members and my homie and also his 4 household members. They all slept on the living room floor and also on the couches. We had a lot of fun though.

When I was a child my friends family members pulled it off. My family had 5 human being in a home the size of a 1 bedroom apartment. Its doable however not best. Looking earlier on it I dont know exactly how we pulled that off.

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Totally doable. People anywhere the civilization live in a lot smaller spaces than you would be living in. Invest time in taking your youngsters out and also exploring eextremely day and also then come residence to a tiny, cozy space. You’ll be fine. Americans and their need for max area is distinctive and honestly a little weird.