I’ve checked out some pretty awesome puppies created from mixing dog breeds! This gained me thinking around all the various dog breeds, significant and also small.  I wondered if they can breed. My curiosity obtained the ideal of me and I dug right into some excellent information and also found the answer.

“Can a large dog breed with a tiny dog? “Yes, massive dogs deserve to breed with tiny dogs, however without mindful consideration, it can be harmful or also fatal!” 

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the worry. Get the facts straight. I’m going to conserve you some time and also share everything I’ve learned from study, vets, breeders, and also people who own combined breeds regarding breeding a large dog through a little dog. This article will go over:

Whether or Not Small Dogs can Have Big PuppiesWhat Size Difference is Acceptable for Breeding Big Dogs via Small DogsWhether Big Dogs have the right to Breed through Wolves or CoyotesIf Tbelow is Really a Great Dane/Chihuahua Mix

I’ll share photos of some unusual mixed breeds involving massive dogs and small dogs, and also take a look at a related topic, too. However, I refusage to go one step even more until we take a cshed look at the many crucial topic as soon as it concerns breeding dogs…


I have nothing versus responsible breeding at all! That being said, did you understand that in the USA alone, 670,000 undesirable dogs are euthanized eextremely year? Tragic! Please ensure that eexceptionally canine pregnancy is a planned pregnancy. You deserve to execute this by keeping a female in warm ameans from all males dogs unless your intent is to have actually her bred. I recognize we ALL desire to be the most responsible pet owners we can possibly be!

Now let’s gain down to some major talk about reproduction big dogs with little dogs…

Can Small Dogs Have Big Puppies?

Image: Melanie Celliers

Bart is the name of the young dog in the photograph above. Bart’s father was a Pitt-Bull and his mommy, a Dachshund. The pregnancy that produced Bart was unplanned and confirmed fatal to the mommy. Bart was increased by humale hands without ever before discovering his mother’s touch. If the parent instance were reversed, and the mommy was the Pitt-Bull and father, the Dachshund, the outcome would have actually absolutely been different!

Results favor in Bart’s instance happen all too often with unplanned pregnancies. However, there are additionally instances of planned pregnancies in tiny dogs having actually great (and adorable) outcomes! When it pertains to breeding a tiny female with a larger male dog, prevalent feeling and experienced veterinary supervision go hand in hand. Birth by Cesarian Section is regularly required, depending upon the dimension of the canine fetoffers.

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Breeding a small female through a larger male dog is a decision that must be made through professional counsel and the dog owner should be made mindful that the pregnancy will be a high risk to the female and also her puppy fetprovides.

How Much Bigger can the Male Dog be than the Female?


Pictured just above are 3 various sized dogs; little, medium, and huge. Right ameans we can check out that if that Rottweiler bred via the smallest dog, it would certainly be disastrous! Even fatal! Now, if the medium-sized dog in the photograph was female, tright here would be much less of a risk implemented by the Rottweiler have to they mate.

If the Rottweiler were the female and also the various other two dogs pictured were males, tright here would certainly be no concerns at all via the Rottweiler’s pregnancy or birpoint process! The only problem in that scenario might be the male reaching the Rottie to mate, LOL! Artificial insemination is often the answer to that dilemma.

Are you founding to see exactly how it works (or doesn’t)?

Some animals, favor female horses, for example, have actually mechanisms to limit the development of their fetus to fit the horse’s uterus. This protects the mom need to she have been impregnated by a horse a lot bigger than she is. Dogs perform NOT have actually the exact same mechanisms! If a dog has numerous fetprovides in her womb, their expansion will certainly be naturally curbed to allow for area. If tbelow is only one fetus, though, it will certainly certainly be also huge (if the father was large and also the mom small) to be delivered naturally.


I would certainly be remiss out on not to mention that pregnancy and also distribution aren’t the just problems concerning reproduction a small female through a bigger dog. The mating itself could be dangerous (or fatal)! A female dog’s vagina is proportionate to her body size as is a large male dog’s penis. The tearing of her vagina is definitely a possibility.

In addition, the dogs will continue to be joined for more than half an hour once the male has ejaculated. Throughout this time, it’s not unwidespread for the dogs to move around, even run, while they are still “locked” together. As you have the right to imagine, this can be incredibly dangerous (or fatal) to the smaller female.

To reiteprice, only breed a little female via a bigger male dog under skilled advice and supervision. Whether the pregnancy was intentional or not constant veterinary observation have to be provided for the smaller female, and all veterinary advice and also referrals need to be heeded.

Can Big Dogs Breed through Coyotes or Wolves?


Because they are all the exact same species, a large dog have the right to absolutely breed via coyotes or wolves. There are slight distinctions in the female’s cycles among the pets and also slight distinctions in parenting, but the animals CAN breed. A pup created from a dog and also a coyote is called a Coydog. When a dog mates with a wolf, they develop a Wolfdog. Not incredibly imaginative names for certain, but effective nonethemuch less.

Is Tright here a Chihuahua/Great Dane Mix?

From what we’ve learned so far, a tiny female Chihuahua would certainly be in a world of danger were she to be installed by a male Great Dane! Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped human beings from attempting that which have to probably not be attempted! The humans’ attempts, yet, have been considered as failures and (thankfully) trusted breeders have steered clear of this certain mixing of breeds. Without question, tright here are much less than reputable breeders functioning on it as I form.

It stands to factor that a little male Chihuahua can probably mate with a Great Dane female (or synthetic insemination might occur) however bereason it hasn’t been done, the outcomes of such a coupling as this are unavailable. Oh, tbelow are stories around it out tbelow, yet we all recognize not whatever we check out on the internet is true.

Should an officially recognized mixing of a Chihuahua and a Great Dane take place later, I’ll be appropriate on top of the story, grabbing all the details to share with you!

Dog Breeding Size Difference

Below you’ll discover some examples of what the commodities of different sized dogs that breed look prefer. It’s fairly widespread for medium-sized dogs and also small dogs to be breed via few complications. It’s just once the male is huge and also the female is small that BIG difficulties can arise.

Pomsky (Image: Pet Guide)

What execute you gain as soon as you cross a huge Siberian Huskies via a little Pomeranian? A Pomsky!

Gordie (Image: Odyssey Online)

What perform you suppose a big Golden Retriever before and also small Corgi create when bred? A Gordie, of course!

Image: Bored Panda

Just over, we watch a Bernedoodle. This cuddly fellow is a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and also Poodle.

Corgidor (Image: Best Life)

The Corgidor above is an adorable mix created by a Labrador Retriever before and a Welsh Corgi.

Finally, no Big Dog/Small Dog mix list would be finish without including the Dalmaschund (pictured below). This mix is the product of a large Dalmation and also a small Dachshund.

Dalmaschund (Image: Puppy Toob)

I’ve Also Been Asked…

Can Big Dogs and Small Dogs Live Together?

Absolutely! Dogs of any type of size can live happily and peacecompletely together in the very same home! However before, there’s always a “however”, isn’t there? When massive dogs and also little dogs live in the exact same household, it’s on the pet owner to set up (and also enforce) some ground rules.

Many dogs will certainly have actually small squabbles that they work out themselves without any kind of interference from us at all. With even more than one dog in the house, you will certainly undoubtedly notice one will certainly take on the role of “Alpha” within the fill. It’s not uncommon for the Alpha to correct what he considers his “subordinates”. These instances are harmmuch less, also though there might be some growling (or even nipping) involved.


It won’t take you long at all to discern whether there’s trouble afoot concerning canine debates in your house, or whether they are sindicate dogs being dogs.

Make sure all dogs in your house are well-trained and also well-socialized. These components (together with good health) are the the majority of crucial components in assuring tranquility in your home for canines and also human beings alike!

Because all dogs that live in a fill will certainly sometimes rekind to the canine variation of fist-o-cuffs, it’s vital for us to take the actions we have the right to to proccasion it, and for us to recognize what to carry out when a dogfight breaks out! Training your dogs to understand also your expectations concerning their habits is the essential to prevention, and teaching your dogs to respect each other’s space (and also food!).

When a fight does break out, separate the dogs automatically, offer a firm vocal command choose NO! or STOP! and let them “cool off” ameans from each other prior to reuniting them. If you were able to determine the reason of the fight, determine how you have the right to fit the cause onto your prevention arrangement. Sometimes, though, tbelow is no reason we can recognize.

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In a home with both big and also tiny dogs, an actual dogfight must be a rare event and also not the norm. If actual fighting happens too commonly, please consult your veterinarian or a expert trainer.

I hope today’s post was informative and enjoyable for you. I appreciate you avoiding by the Big Dog Den,  drop by any time to find the answers to your many pushing big dog questions, and also to learn some fascinating facts around the breed(s) you love!