I've tried bleaching my remy humale hair extensions as I am wanting to dip dye them to a lighter colour but the bleach till not require to my extensions yet I have had actually no difficulty dying the top fifty percent of the extensions a shade of red. Any suggestions to why the bleach will nottake?



Tbelow might be a sealant on them or something.. you could attempt washing them with baby shampoo beforehand, it'll help to strip anypoint off them=>


Could be that the extensions are dyed black. black dye is incredibly tough to bleach out. it would probably be much better to gain a lighter shade collection of extensions and also bleach that if you want it likewhite.


Your Expansions have actually gone via most processes prior to you purchase them to gain them that colour. So occasionally they can be stubborn. I usually don't recommend bleaching extensions. however if you should, apply liberally and also put under warmth. and also be ready to tonethem.


Heat commonly does that trick but its still hard. Hair bleach depends even more on the eat coming off our bodies to process more than a lot of world realize. Also, extensions are cured. It's a lot simpler to make them darker than lighter. Coat them in a liberal amount of gentle hair lightener. Wrap them in foil or plastic wrap and collection them on a hearing pad through a towel over it. Make certain they remain moist via product andwarmth.

I had the specific same problem. someone told me you can't really dye dark extensions to a lighter colour. I wanted to do ombre on my hair extensions. wasted money and also it didn't really work:(

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