Change is beautiful. We all want to transform ourselves eincredibly now and also then. From our shoes, to our apparel, as much as the color of our hair: we simply want to mix things up eexceptionally now and then. This whole process of trial and also error helps us find what styles we choose seeing on ourselves – what functions, and also what doesn’t.

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But when you’re reasoning around bleaching your hair, there’s no room for “trial and error”. You must make sure that every little thing is perfect, in order to gain the best results for your smooth, flowing hair. You additionally desire to protect against damaging your hair.

So what if the initially bleaching process doesn’t go too well? What happens if things don’t run so smoothly? Can you do the procedure almost everywhere again, and pretend it never happened?

Today we’re going to answer an extremely widespread query – one that many kind of human being ask before bleaching their hair: “Can I bleach my hair twice?”

To give you a quick answer to that question: Yes and also no.

Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice?
1. Why You Should Consider Hair Bleaching
​2. How Hair Bleaching Works
3. Appropriate Hair Bleaching: How to Do It without Damaging Your Hair
​Some Things to Remember

1. Why You Should Consider Hair Bleaching

Bleaching is quite a breakable procedure, and we’re gonna need to describe to you how it works before we have the right to completely detail why it’s a “yes” and “no” when it comes to bleaching twice.

We’re simply going to get it out of the way: bleaching can damage your hair, however just if it’s done incorrectly.


Done well, it deserve to transdevelop your hair and offer it that beautiful blonde look you’ve constantly wanted. Like we sassist previously, change is beautiful.

And if you desire to adjust your hair color from any type of other shade to platinum blonde, bleaching is the best point for you.

For those of you who aren’t acquainted through hair bleaching, it is the process of altering the shade of your hair to a lighter one. Basically, if you desire a darker hair color, all you need to execute is shade it with specific dyes.

But if you desire to adjust the shade and acquire the reverse impact (adjust dark hair to a lighter shade), you’re going to go with hair bleaching. Now exactly how exactly does it work?

2. How Hair Bleaching Works

Unchoose hair coloring, bleaching actually takes amethod the color of your hair through a procedure recognized as oxidation. It gets rid of the pigment in your hair shaft, thus making it a couple of shades lighter than your previous hair color.


A bleaching agent, likewise known as an oxidizing agent, is used in the procedure. Hydrogen peroxide and also ammonia are 2 of the most generally provided bleaching agents, although they are frequently mixed together for an extra secure solution.

Now, based upon what you’ve review so far, you deserve to more than likely tell why we’re warning you around possibly damaging your hair. Even those manufacturers that case their product is “peroxide-free” will frequently contain some various other oxidizing agent that will certainly perform the precise same thing and also cause the very same damages to your hair.

So at the end of the day, it comes dvery own to exactly how you usage the bleaching agent, rather than what bleaching agent you use.

3. Appropriate Hair Bleaching: How to Do It without Damaging Your Hair

Depending on what shade your hair currently has and what volume of bleaching agent you decide to usage, you have the right to just gain a details level of lightening done. You won’t instantly acquire to platinum blonde if you desire to have a safe bleaching endure. You’re gonna have to do it one action at a time: suppose to acquire at least 3 shades lighter per bleach.


So to answer your question: Can I bleach my hair twice? The answer is yes, you have the right to bleach it twice – and also you will certainly most likely have to. But no, you can’t perform it twice in a row.

Do not bleach your hair even more than once a day if you desire to save your hair safe and healthy and balanced. Bleaching it twice deserve to cause breakage. And if your hair breaks, then what will certainly you have left to bleach?

Hair treatment is our height priority right here. For ideal outcomes, do not bleach your hair more than as soon as in a duration of one week. Allow your hair to rest after the initially bleaching process.

Let it breath. In truth, one week is the minimum. Take treatment of your hair, let it remainder for one or so weeks, and then get back to bleaching. Repeat the process.

You need to make sure to execute it progressively. Work your means to the blonde shade that you desire. The key below is in being patient.​

​Some Things to Remember

Make certain you’re not rushing things: readjust constantly comes gradually, after all.

Anvarious other thing: when you are done via the first bleaching treatment, you need to follow it up via some toner as well as repairing treatments. Remember, you just took amethod some of your hair’s shade, so there’s bound to be some anxiety in those locations.

Repair it with the finest shampoo therapies and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to save your hair in the best form.

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Learn about peroxide quantities and hair color in order to identify which bleaching agent will offer you the ideal outcomes.Percreate the bleaching therapy quickly, as this will lessen the possibility of gaining unalso results.After bleaching, follow up with some toner.Let it rest for a week or so before attempting to bleach aobtain.