Musically Leg Up Leg Dvery own Can You Whip Can You Dab

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Britney Spears - Up"n"down

n" up n" down n" up n" down n" up n" down Down n" up n" down n" up n" down n" up n" down I gained all tricked out and I came up to this point Looking so fiery warm, a twenty out of ten I saw you watching me watch you on the floor Hitting me up

Sistar - Up and down

jakku nal nollyeo You recognize you make it go goUp and also down choose a yoyo pigonhageyo-yo-wae jakku nal gollyeo neo ttaeme naega michyeoUp and also down favor a yoyo yup!Oh my god! nunmale tteumyeon heotge boyeo jakku dungdung ni eolgul tteodanineun gedaeche mwol hangeoya Oh

Audio Push - Up n down

N Down..

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Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down..Up N Down.

Shinee - Up and dvery own

Jonghyun> Neowae neowae downiya gibooniOwae owae cheok.hamyeon cheokNeowae neowae upiya gibooni owae Neowae neowae downiya gibooniOwae owae cheok.hamyeon cheokNeowae neowae upiya gibooni owae Wae neoneun up, downGibooni maennal dalla nalIri jeori heu

Patti Smith - Up tright here dvery own there

thereThere"s a ball of fireSome contact it the spiritSome contact it the sunIts energies are not for hireIt serves male / It serves everyoneDown there wbelow Jonah wailsin the healing waterin the prepared depthsTwisting prefer silver swansNo line of fatality no bo

Eloy - Up and down

try to get success directlyThe method is far and also hardOnce in a while it"ll obtain shorterSometimes the way is out of reachUp and down, up and downUp and down, up and downUp and also down, up and downUp and also down, up and downWe can sign up with league, shape our lif

Jay Park - Up and down

say ay ay tell me what you wanna gona na narang kachi kaja-gonae-ga jikyeojul-ke keokjeong-haji malla-gojust one i cho-ose is u choose eerie miny mohaha yeah letrsquo;s gono-rigiku tal ttaecheoreom we like ohhhhnae shimjangi teojil keot kata/host on tight anjeo

Jordan Knight - Up n down

girl I choose the means, you shake and also relocate that thing,I see I"m doing me, and baby this thing is twenty/twenty!I think I’m simply about to make my move somehowI got a proposition; let me buy you what you’re sipping.I don’t mean to rush you,I don’t want you to

Hard Targain - Up and also down

acquired whatever I require in lifeI know it appears so appropriate, yet still I desire moreand also everynight I go to sleep I pray, I do not leave todaythere"s so a lot in storehowever the littlest points have actually gotten to meyou pickin" me up, then knock me off of my

Me Vs Hero - Up beat (down)

song goes out to all the non-believersThe means they treat us and also the means they perceive usWe"ll make it out alive (tear down the wall surfaces tonight!)(They said) this would be our ending(But this) this friday night"s the oneBursting at the seams via be

And One - Up & down

is warLove Is WarUp & DownUp And DownWake up wake up morning call! You"re a simply a training doSpcheck out your legs onto the core! And shut your mouth youf***ing whore! Up and down, Up and downUp and down, Up and down,Up

Pretty Ricky - Up and also down

Mathis, Corey; Smith, Joseph; Smith, Spectacular; Cooper, Marcus; Smith, Diamond;Yeah, it"s da boys Pretty RickyAnd I know some of y"all sexy ladiesWanna understand how we execute itI choose it real slowLike walking through the doorNaked in a trench coatMakin" love on the stove

Quietdrive - Up or down

out via a spark Turned right into a vibe Spcheck out right into a fire That might never before be domesticated But I don’t wanna understand No, I don’t wanna recognize Why things have to readjust At the end of the day I simply want you to remain Stay the very same for me Are we going up or down? Have we had actually enough

Ragers - Up and down

oh you"re the brand-new caretakerthat plays the pedophileBut do not problem every little thing will certainly be ok (ok)say my name because you reallyill go and also dance your wayas you can and Will you heal the(haha)Come dance and come your wayand also you will find

Gotcharocka - Up side down〜watashi no kare wa o-gata〜

AKARAKASAKASOWATISU↓USEDISANAHO NUOSUOMETEBUSAWERO KENETISUKODI AKARAKASAKASOWATISU↓USEDISANAHO NUOSUOMETEBUSAWERO KMukashi no koto ni naru keperform...Yuuki o furishibotte kaita renrakusaki niKakenakatta wake moWatashi o taisetsu ni suru ga

Patty Griffin - Up or dvery own

can gain lucky some days, not a drop of rainAnd you"re as well long on the tvery own and also you leave your trouble on the trainAnd then there"s only doubt till you"re on your feet againThere"s only up or downThe lucky boys upstairs through their penthome viewsMaking the lad

Heavens Gate - Up and down

time the present is over, party starts againNeed an additional booze shower, bleed the night my friendAre you ready guys?All I watch are turning stars, I"m falling down the floorIn the finish I"ll get a kick from the bouncers at the doorAll we need is actionA

Matt Redmale - You alone deserve to rescue

oh Lord, can conserve themselves,Their own heart might heal?Our shame was deeper than the seaYour grace is deeper stillYou alone can rescue, You alone can saveYou alone can lift us from the graveYou came down to discover us, led us out of death

Bo Bruce - You gain what you give/do not sheight the music (n..

Two. One, 2, three , oh!Oooh! Yeeeaho!Wake up kidsWe´ve got the dreamers diseaseEra 14 we gained you down on your kneesSo polite, we´re busy still saying pleaseFri - enemies, who when you´re downain´t your friendEexceptionally night we smash a Mercedes - BenzFirst we run an

The Cars - Up and also dvery own

you need to be so hard to getespecially with those emerald eyesyou could have been a neon loverhowever you didn"t have to advertisewell come on, well come onyou might have actually been a crackswarm shooterhung up on your figurineunder the cold and darkly skyyou"re th

Eve - You had actually me, you lost me

Chorus - Repeat 2x>You had me, You shed meAnd now you want me backYou f***ed approximately and played aroundAnd currently your feeling sadUh, uhHow have to I start it offYou should have thought me softLike it was all good to move on and also cross me offWe

Hutchinkid Eric - You"ve obtained you

ve got a bone to pick through you and also this opportunityi couldn"t live this down sufficient to make up for you and mei feel a swelling in my soul i"ve been choking up insidei"d bite my tongue just for your sake however i"d swenable too much prideand also who will certainly be sorry initially who will certainly be so

New Radicals - You gain what you offer

up kidsWe´ve gained the dreamers diseaseEra 14 we obtained you down on your kneesSo polite, we´re busy still saying pleaseFri - enemies, who when you´re downain´t your friendEincredibly night we smash a Mercedes - BenzFirst we run and also then we laugh still we cryBut once the night

Owl City - Can´t live without you

the thoughts in my head spinning "round favor a hurricaneAnd life leaves me so confusedWhen I expedition and I autumn I collapse choose a tidal waveSo I"m crying out to youYou reached down out of nowhereAnd picked my heart up off the floorYou put my life back togetherAnd I"m

Pretty Ricky - Can"t live without you

Verse 1 Pleasure>It"s 4 O"clock in the morning.And she ain"t feeling appropriate.I"m on a very first course trip.Thunstable this place called life.I do not understand what to do.Cause my body"s still shaking.I know it"s time to male up.And begin my education.I need someone to

Usher - Can"t sheight won"t sheight

Can"t Stop Won"t StopUsher babyYeah, will you perform it again?Can"t Stop Won"t StopHey, what"s up, this is a jamTurn it up, play it loud in the clubThere"s this fire, you"re burning me upOh girl, yeah girl, I"ve been looking about the worldAn

Bryan Adams - You"ve been a frifinish to me

you say up - i say downwe"re the most unlikely pairbut up or down, high or lowyou"ve constantly been right thereyou"ve been a frifinish to me, a godsfinish to mei ain"t too proud to sayyou"ve been a friend to mecurrently if i"m feeling lowdownor feeling ten f

Michael W. Smith - You require a saviour

a friend last night, or you believed you didHad a drink, had a talk, took a driveShared the night, gave up a component of your soulNow she"s gone and also you"re a tiny much less alive.Shake it off, never let your feelings beginBut your defenses are down and the

Nine Inch Nails - You understand what you are?

tried to sing myself through, tried to obtain to the various other side I got to patch up the cracks in the holes that I have to hide For a small little bit of time we"ve been making it occupational okay Just lengthy sufficient to really make it hurt When they figured me out and also it a

John Prine - You never before can tell

was a teenage weddingAnd the old folks wimelted "em wellYou could see that PierreDid truly love the Mademoiselle.And the young Monsieur and MadameHave rung the chapel bell,"C"est la vie,"-Say the old folksIt goes to present that you nev

Aaron Neville - You never before have the right to tell

was a teenage wedding, and also the old folks wimelted them wellYou could view that Pierre did truly love the mademoiselleAnd now the young monsieur and madame have actually rung the chapel bell,""C"est la vie"", say the old folks, it go to present you never can tellThey

Aerosmith - Can"t soptimal loving you (feat. carrie undertimber..

fell from holy Moses mountain, Wbelow love’s a slippery slopeAnd all the others I’ve been hanging with, Never provided me as well much roomThen at some point she pertained to me, Love at first sight, head to toesI love her wild, my hill boy And that’s just

Chuck Berry - You never before deserve to tell

was a teenage wedding, and also the old folks wished them wellYou can check out that Pierre did truly love the mademoiselleAnd now the young monsieur and also madame have actually rung the chapel bell,"C"est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to sho

Doobie Brothers - You simply can"t soptimal it

s gonna make you feel just rightWhen that music"s playin"You gotta kick out the doors and also turn out the lightWhen that music"s playin"When the thing cuts loose it"s out-a handYou understand you just can"t soptimal itCan"t sit in your chair, you acquired to standYou recognize you simply can"t sto

Groove Coverage - Can`t obtain over you

s an everlasting stormBlowing tturbulent the nightI feel love, I feel hateRight by my side...Tears prefer rain fallin down,Don`t know what to doI remember those days,Can`t gain over you...You chose to leaveAnd told me nothing yet liesG

Meat Loaf - You never before can be as well certain about the girl

certain recognize what your name isYou sure of wright here ya liveYou know exactly how much you make, ahYa know how much you giveYou recognize wright here your residence isYou know which road to takeAh, you"re sure "bout numerous thingsLook out there"s one mistakeThere just ain"t no doubtThere"s simply on

Status Quo - You never before can tell

was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them wellYou could check out that Pierre did truly love the mademoiselleAnd currently the young monsieur and also madame have rung the chapel bellC"est la vie, say the old folk, it goes to show you never can tellThey furniburned o

Bryan Adams - You want it you gained it

I think I told you maybe once or twice before, They"ll just host you down, leave you wanting more. But you refusage to listen, babe,so this is wbelow you"ll stay, If you weren"t so bloody juvenile, you"d be some wbelow this particular day. If you desire it, you gained it,If you wa

In Fear And Faith - You already know you"re a goner

close, the flames are closing in.Breathe deep, the smoke is on its way.Look west, the ocean is calling.Follow. The air that still remains.Oh, Can you feel it, the fire is burning.Oh, can you taste it. the smoke in the air...That fills up your lungs.

Bad Boys Blue - Can"t live without you

feelings for you are solid and strong.I know in my heart to whom I belong.This beautiful feeling it can’t be wrong.I recognize.‘Causage head over heels I’m falling for you.And there’s nopoint that I wouldn"t perform.Or fairly than give my love to you.

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Can’t live wit

Digital Daggers - Can"t sleep, can"t breathe

straits and dirty consequencesAn invitation to your individual disasterIt"s a allude breakAnvarious other guilty conscienceAnd I won"t stop you til you get simply what you"re afterI"m taking you down with meI"m taking you down via meTil youCan"t sleep, Can"t breatheYou met y

Tom Jones - Can"t sheight lovin" you

watch the leaves falling to the groundI"m walking up and downThe highways of my hometownYou"re below through me like it supplied to beI look around and then I"m on my own againCan"t stop loving youCan"t soptimal wanting youCan"t sheight now that youMade me component of y

Tom Jones - Can"t soptimal loving you

watch the leaves falling to the groundI"m walking up and also downThe roadways of my hometownYou"re here via me like it used to beI look around and then I"m on my own againCan"t stop loving youCan"t speak wanting youCan"t sheight now that youMade

Helm Levon - You can"t lose what you ain"t never had actually

a sweet little bit girl, I shed my baby, boy ain"t that badHad a sweet bit girl, I shed my baby, boy ain"t that badYou can"t spend what you ain"t acquired,You can"t shed some little girl you ain"t never hadHad money in the bank, I obtained busted, civilization ain"t that badHad money in t

Anthem Lights - Can"t gain over you

the means you loved like no otherit"s acquired nothing to dothrough anypoint that I doTime and also time aobtain You forprovide meso this time I chooseto remain below via youHold mepull me simply a tiny little bit closerI don"t want to shed this momentYour love has actually covered me

Anthem Lights - Can´t get over you (acoustic)

love the way You love like no otherIt"s obtained nopoint to do with anything that I doTime and time aget You foroffer meSo this time I select to remain here via YouHold mePull me simply a little little bit closerI don"t wanna shed this momentYour love has actually covered

50 Cent - Can i soptimal to you (feat. schoolboy q)

Verse 1: 50 Cent>Summer warmth, warm, murder plots, niggas gaining shotChrome rims for sixesOne wheel, one gixxer Throw it up, one handWave earlier at the bitchesI"m silentRight prior to I snap I"m violentI contact myself the tussle,I’m

Dilated Peoples - You cant hide you cant run

You can"t hide, you can"t run)Remember to always be true no issue what you doRun it. I never before fronted. I obtained my totality crew life on it.(Think sharp, guy listen)(You can"t hide, you can"t run)Remember to constantly be true no matter what you doRun it. I never before fronted.

Domajor - Can"t stand also (what you perform to me)

no - can"t stand what you do to meStarted up the game - put me in a frameNever before must have actually shed your heartCan"t view via the haze - trapped inside a mazeCould we ever fall apartDon"t fight what you feel - (know what you"re going through)Don"t hide f

Dondria - Can i talk 2 you

misterI know a lady shouldn"t carry out thisBut your looking kinda goodI desire to gain witchaI wanna slip you my numberWanna get to know youI wanna let you intoMy key human being of fantasies,You"ll have actually no concerns and no caresIt will be just you and meHey

Paloma Faith - Can"t rely on you

meHow would certainly you gon" carry out, no this wayI job-related so hard for you everydayWhile you out, late nightGirl, what you do?Chillin" through who?While I"m sitting at homeCome on through it!(I do not recognize what this civilization is coming to...)I simply can"t rely on yo

Ray J - Can"t run, can"t hide

t run, cant hide (you can"t run)You understand you can"t gain awayI regularly wonder who you knowWhat you thinkin, where"d you go, babyYour mother done told you even more than twice in your lifeYou can"t store runnin" away, you can"t store hidin from yo guy, it"s all rightYou acquired me thinkin

Joan Armatrading - Can"t stop loving you

also ask meTo drown in the Dead SeaYou might too ask meTo walk a high wireYou can too sayThe skies is fallingYou can say stopBut I understand I can"tI"ve been loving you far as well longI can"t speak itI"ve been loving you much also long

Lou Bega - Can i tico tico you

you"re my freak once in a week we gettin" type of deep in my "86 jeep I do not play no tricks you understand the bomb ticks the only style I play is my self-made hits and it kicks like that yo" it really does was it number one hell yo" it really was I

Jimmy Cliff - Can"t live without you

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laLa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laBaby, I can"t live without youLife is nothing without youDon"t you know?Baby, I can"t live without youLife is nopoint without youDon"t you know?You"ve constantly been alongside meFor a momen

3 - Emerboy, Berry & Palmer - You do or you do not

we been pretfinishing we live this street lifeOnce the tough ones reasoning now we"re grownYou say the feelings are changing currently through eextremely nightDon"t know wright here a lonely rebel goes.On the other side you discovered somepoint differentThe other side of life you say you"ve

Harem Scarem - Can"t live with you

even more smoke and also mirrors I can"t relate to you anyeven more The empathy that was always tbelow in between us Is going ameans Life reveals pain inside the pleasure We"re all memories we"re not moving forward There"s a shield that"s constantly up in between us To take it

Motion City Soundtrack - Can"t finish what you started

can"t you end up what you"ve started?Why can"t you try and understand?It doesn"t make a bit of difference if you begin what you can"t finishEextremely story requirements an ending, after all.I think I"ve recognized it for a long timeSuffice to say, it"s been a whileYou"re also afrassist to face

Professor Environment-friendly - Can"t dance without you (feat. whinnie willia..

little bit birdy told me that I have to clean upRerelocate the C, the L, the N and also the AThen put a D after the E and that"s me, bludHow you suppose, blud?Sorry for complicating points, what I suppose is I"m E"d upOh my god, Stephen, that"s enoughOh my lord, these are goodAll I wanna

Rancid - You want it you acquired it

want it, We acquired itThis is the placeWhere everyone can belongYou want it, we obtained itKicking up a riotWon"t you all sing alongCan"t tell youwhere I was going so tiredIt was showingprefer the wind I"m blowingEincredibly town male I"m understand inYou want it, We acquired



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