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Are you wondering, deserve to you curl a wig via a curling iron? The answer is yes. See every one of the means to curl man-made hair fiber with warm and also without warm. Also just how to revive a wig or topper with hot water or heavy steam the expert means. For even more wig care write-ups check out my Wig Revival web page.


I composed this short article for all the newbies who think as soon as a wig or topper has actually the frizzed it goes in the trash or you have to reduced it. That is not the case you can have actually your pieces for years if you take excellent care of them.

Wigs are an investment and also if you are not excellent at styling, I encourage you to discover a wig professional in your location and also have actually them maintain them.

Being a experienced hair technician, I have mastered the strategy of curling fabricated hair through a curling iron and various other means prefer hot water and also steam.

The difference between curling artificial hair and heat defiant hair through a curling iron, wand also, or flat iron is you should save artificial hair wet at all times and the temperature setting on the appliance provided requirements to be as low as feasible and cooled off.

Let me walk you through the actions to revive a wig or topper and also get those out of package waves and curls back!

Let’s begin with the safest ways to recurl a wig.

Reviving Damaged Synthetic fiber

How to Smooth the Frizzed Ends

If your fabricated wig has damaged frizzy ends. Wet the wig thoroughly via water. Part off 2-inch sections of the wig, apply heavy steam from a clothing steamer while combing to smooth out the frayed ends.

*You can additionally smooth man-made fiber with a flat iron if you execute not have a steamer. See the tutorial below.

Curl Synthetic Hair with Rollers

Tright here are a few methods to style your synthetic wig or topper. The absolute safest way to style consistent artificial hair is by rolling the hair through plastic curlers, versatile hair rods, or velcro rollers. The curls will certainly be tighter like ringlets depending upon the dimension of the rollers.

While the synthetic hair is soaking wet gently comb through it via a wide-tooth wig comb. Go over each curl with vapor from a towel steamer. Let the hair dry, rerelocate the rollers, shake and also wear.

How to Make Tight Curls in Synthetic Hair

For curlier layouts, you can usage perm rods rolled via perm paper end wraps to secure the ends.

Wash the wig and also roll the entire wig choose you were rolling a perm in huguy hair. Spray the wig through water thoabout again so it is soaking wet.Go over each curl through vapor from a towel steamer. Do not miss a roller! Let it cool and dry by itself or under a salon type hair dryer on low, remove the rollers, shake, style and wear.

You deserve to use the warm water technique below for this too.

How to Curl a Wig via Hot Water

If you have a wig that has really tight curls. Roll the whole wig on perm rods favor declared above.

*For tight kinky curls, we rolled the hair on bobby pins instead of perm rods.

Heat a saucepan complete of water practically to a boil.

FIY: In the shop, we offered an electric coffee pot and simply poured water through it to warm the water. Then we poured the warm water over the wig directly from the pot.

Pour the hot water over the perm rods and let them cool. Do not miss a rod.Let it cool and dry by itself or under a salon form hair dryer on low, remove the rollers, shake, style and also wear.

TIP: In the shop, if we were in a hurry, we would certainly put the wig in the freezer to cool it off rapid after pouring hot water over them.

How to Curl Synthetic Hair through a Hot Airbrush


Hot Airbrushes are one more safe means to smooth a wig through frizzy ends and recurl the curls. Turn it on and also use the lowest establishing, It is kind of prefer a warm blow dryer. You slowly pull the brush via the fiber to smooth the frizzy ends.

I have actually tried this approach on a few wigs and also it works pretty well. I favor the even more permanent way of making use of hotter warm. I uncovered the airbrush does help with smoopoint frizzing ends however does not make a very tight curl, it will be even more of beach wave.

This is good for restyling a wig to train or relocate the hair into the direction of your style. It renders that nice downward curve to bangs as well.

The warm airbrush is the ideal way to go if you are afrassist to try these other methods.

Curl Synthetic Fiber With a Curling Iron

STOP! BEFORE YOU PROCEED A WORD OF CAUTION: Heat Defiant & Regualr Synthetic fiber deserve to be permanently damaged incredibly easily through warm appliances while styling if not done properly. If you do not feel comfortable attempting to attempt these methods, please seek a professional wig stylist to help you in styling your wigs.

DISCLAIMER: Kim Purvis, Made in a Day, Wig Revival and also the Purvis Group LLC are in no means responsible for a damaged wig or hair topper utilizing this advice.

Some say you deserve to not heat style a artificial wig. It can be done, but it demands to be done exceptionally, incredibly very closely. I am a professional hair replacement stylist and this is the way we heat styled man-made hairpieces and also wigs our shop.

In our wig shop, we used cloth steamers to smooth frayed frizzy ends and also then a curling iron on extremely low warmth to add curl earlier right into the artificial hair.

The trick to this method is maintaining the hair soaking wet while using a curling iron on the fiber. If you put a curling iron on dry artificial hair it will melt, burn and also stick to the iron.

I recommfinish trying this approach on an old wig or a tiny item on the underside of the wig until you obtain the hang of it.

Let’s begin through smoopoint the frizzed ends if you execute not have a steamer.

How to Smooth a Wig with a Flat Iron

The smoopoint of man-made fiber explained listed below have the right to be exceptionally damaging to the fiber if not done correctly. See my disclaimer over.



Water in a Spray Bottle


Wash the wig and use a spray bottle full of water to soak the hair so it is dripping wet. Remember you must constantly spray the fiber to save the hair from drying out.

I use a straightening iron on low warm 130°F. The heating temperature is different for every brand of appliance. Use the lowest setting possible for your appliance. To be safe buy on via a digital establishing you can readjust.

Place the warm finish of the curling wand also or iron onto a damp hand also towel to keep them cool.

Open the level iron and also spray water on the top and also bottom steel warm aspects. You will certainly hear a sizzle and see steam. That cools the facet off.
Without hesitation after misting, instantly area the flat iron on the hair fiber and relocate it down over the hair really quick to smooth and also frizzy fiber. Do not leave the level iron too lengthy on the fiber.

The dominion is if you collection the flat iron down to grab an additional area, spray water on the heating elements to cool them off again.

To be safe only straighten the fizzed ends, not the entirety wig. If a section looks ok skip it.


How to Curl Synthetic Hair through a Curling Iron

Supplies:Water in a Spray BottleInstructions:Wash the wig and use a spray bottle complete of water to soak the hair so it is dripping wet. You have to constantly spray the fiber to store the hair from drying out.

Heat a curling iron or wand also on the lowest setting. Open the curling iron (or wand) and spray water inside the 2 heating elements, you will hear a sizzle, this cools those surdeals with down. Place curling iron or wand also on a damp hand also towel to keep it cool.

In this tutorial, I offered a curling wand at 140°F. You absolutely deserve to use a curling iron instead. The wand also is just easier for me.

The heating temperature is different for every brand also of appliance. Use the lowest establishing possible for your appliance.


Wrap the wet hair approximately the wand also and also host for 5-7 secs.
Release the curl by cupping it in one hand.

Clip the curl to the base while it cools so the curl will certainly organize its shape. For looser waves perform not use a clip. This is the exact same approach I used in my How to curl & style HD Fiber hair short article.

The ascendancy is if you set the curling iron or wand also down to grab one more area, spray water on the heating aspects to cool them off aget prior to poignant the hair.

YOU MUST WORK QUICKLY and DO NOT let the hair dry out or let the appliances get too hot or it will burn the fiber.

For added tight curls, after pulling the curling wand also out, quickly roll the curl on a plastic roller and also pin it up or hit the pinned up curls via a fabric steamer after curling. This wig has long curls so I did loose waves.


Let the wig dry totally, release the curls, shake, and also style as usual.


I hope I have made you feel a small more comfortable learning exactly how to style your wigs on your own.

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My advice is to try some of these approaches on an old wig or topper prior to ruining a brand-new one. Practice provides perfect.

One point I do realize is that everyone has their own method of maintaining their wigs and hair toppers.

Tright here are the majority of YouTube videos out tright here that show some variations of these techniques. Do what is a lot of comfortable for you.

If you are not comfortable attempting to curl fabricated hair through warm or styling your wig yourself please, please, please take it to a wig shop and have actually them carry out it for you.