is it safe to drink the water in Punta Cana?

Tap water in Punta Cana does not undergo any kind of filtration therapy. However, clean and also bottled water is easily obtainable wherever before you go.

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You do not must drink the tap water because a supply of purified and bottled spring water is offered to tourists in the resorts and also travellers who drank bottled water did not enrespond to any type of wellness troubles.

Before you drink any kind of bottled water given to you, make sure that the cap is sealed. When you bathe, make certain that you perform not ingest the water from the shower. This is simple to do, by not opening your mouth while you shower.


For added caution usage the bottled water that the resorts carry out when you brush your teeth. Ask for complimentary added bottles that you deserve to put on the sink, beside your toothbrush and toothpaste. These must be a part of the amenities. You have the right to usage the tap water to wash your challenge.

Are tbelow any type of foodstuffs to avoid?

Do not eat fresh vegetables or raw food prefer sushi if you are remaining at a hotel or rekind that is not trustworthy. Ask the management if they usage purified water when they wash their vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget to ask them if they use tap water for ice. Resorts and hotels via terrific reviews are worry-totally free.


Many tourists who have took pleasure in their vacations in Punta Cana have given verified reviews virtual, stressing the reality that they did not acquire digestive troubles once they ate the salad and also fruits.

However before, it is constantly excellent to be smart around these points.

How to prevent getting sick in Punta Cana

Carry a tummy medication if you are going or doing something outside your rekind to proccasion any kind of tummy sickness have to you must drink bottled that may not be easily accessible in various other public locations.

Try not to drink fountain water. Remember, the civilization that live below in DR have emerged a natural immunity to the substances in the water. You have not.

Your body will be sensitive to any type of triggers such as any kind of bacteria that the locals are supplied to, which is constantly the situation as soon as you visit a international nation.


Don’t eat food or buy water from street sellers. They have the right to be offering tap water in a recycled plastic bottle.

Due to the fact that the climate is always warmth, you will constantly crave for ice water. Ice from the ice machines is sleek and also clean. You execute not need to concern about adding it to your drinks.

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If you take these basic prewarns, you deserve to suppose to have actually a wonderful and also healthy and balanced vacation in Punta Cana.