Don"t go it alone in Fallout 4. Here"s how to find and also recruit advantageous and lethal travelling buddies.

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Fallout 4 may be a single-player game yet that does not mean you wander the Commonwealth alone. Throughout your travels you"ll have the opportunity to uncover and recruit different companions, some huguy, others not.

There are 13 companions in the base game, and also a even more three and also a little (we"ll explain) when you collect all the add-ons, as in the Fallout 4 Game of the Year re-concern. They all help out in battle, you have the right to trade sources and also equipment through them, and also they mainly store you company in the time of the dark days.

As component of our Back to Fallout 4 overview, this page includes details on all the companions in Fallout 4, their likes and also dislikes, and just how to acquire them in your party. It"s worth doing as Companions unlock some of the best Perks in Fallout 4 if you make them friendly sufficient.

(If you"re wanting even more than a friend to kick around the Commonwealth with, see our overview on romance in Fallout 4.)

Here are a couple of crucial points to recognize around companions in Fallout 4:

Companions never die. They deserve to gain their ass kicked in fight and will kneel dvery own and also stop fighting if they take as well a lot damage. You have the right to use Stimpaks on them to heal them, or wait until the present battle is over and they will certainly miraculously recover.You deserve to provide a companion a weapon and brand-new garments, and also use them to lug some of your equipment too. You deserve to manually adjust their outfits and also armour in their inventory food selection. The beginning weapon your companion has never before runs out of ammo, however provide them a various gun and it will certainly run dry, so you"ll should keep handing them bullets.Press Triangle and you can accessibility your companion"s inventory, talk to them, dismiss them, concern commands or uncover out just how they currently feel around you.Each companion has actually a particular Perk however to unlock it you have to make them favor you. Each companion likes and also dislikes various actions you perdevelop. Get them to like sufficient of what you carry out and also you"ll unlock their Perk and also have actually even more dialogue - and also romance - choices. Our guide on romance in Fallout 4 may assist tright here.Some companions have actually a set of skills you"ll discover useful at particular times. For example, Valentine is excellent at hacking computer terminals. Talk to your companion, tell them you require them to do somepoint, then point your crosshair at a tarobtain and sfinish them off to carry out their point. They"ll tell you if they can"t help through that certain problem.


How to recruit Codsworth, butler of the future slash past

Codsworth is the cheery home assist robot who"s missed you for the past 200 years. All you should perform to recruit him is go to your house as soon as you escape Vault 111 as component of the main search line, have a chat, and also then go back to him after rescuing the Minutemen at Concord. He"s not the a lot of beneficial of companions combat wise, tfinishing to rush right into melee and also have actually his arse kicked however he"s constantly a light in the gloom. He"ll offer you purified water if he likes you, and also you can make him wear bowler hats.

Perk: Robot SympathyLikes: Giving items to people, healing Dogmeat, modding armour and also weapons.Dislikes: Stealing from world and also breaking into owned safes, suitsituations and also other locked items.


How to recruit Dogmeat, your faithful hound

Like Codsworth, you"ll discover Dogmeat very quickly as part of the main quest line; he"ll wander up to you as you walk from Sanctuary to Concord, at the Red Rocket Station. Dogmeat have the right to be helpful, finding stuff and also bringing it to you; he has a distinct collection of regulates rather than a dialogue menu.He have the right to be a pain in tight places, obtaining in your way and also blowing your cover if you"re taking a stealth path. He does not seem to understand the "stay" direction incredibly well.

Perk: Dogmeat perks are unlocked on the Charisma tree, as he does not have actually affection levels.Likes/Dislikes: Actions have actually no effect on Dogmeat. He loves you anyway.


How to recruit Piper, the journalist

You first accomplish Piper as you try to enter Diamond City. She"s blagging her means ago inside the city walls, and she provides you to obtain previous the mayor. Once you"re in, go visit her office and also she"ll ask you to assist her via a story, the quest Story of the Century.

All you need carry out is answer her concerns around your past. Doing so finishes the search and also she uses herself as a companion. Her Perk indicates you will gain double XP as soon as you find brand-new places and also properly usage speech.

Perk: Gift of Gab.Likes: Picking locks, healing Dogmeat and also donating items to human being. She likewise likes it if you"re mostly expect to civilization, which is a little bit weird.Dislikes: Piper does not like you murdering human being for no factor. Seems reasonable.


How to recruit Strong, the super mutant

To recruit Strong you need to complete the quest Curtain Call. Head approximately Diamond City till you pick up a radio signal from Trinity Tower. It"s a ditension signal from Rex, that says he"s enslaved by super mutants at the height of Trinity Tower and requirements to be rescued.

You should be incredibly greatly equipped if you want to succeed. Make certain you have actually plenty of ammo because the fight is lengthy and also hard. A good method for fighting super mutants is to hit them first through a Molotov cocktail (sensibly common) then use VATS to pick them off via a good rifle that provides .308 ammo. Take your time as you fight up the tower (you"ll confront about 15 super mutants) including their leader, Fist. You"ll require grenades to take him out easily.

At the height you"ll rescue Rex, the guy that made the distress contact, and also his buddy Strong. Strong is a friendly super mutant who reads Shakespeare. You"ll have to obtain to the bottom of the tower through a makeshift lift and kill another bunch of super mutants before you have the right to recruit him. He"s lethal with a sledgehammer, however as he"s trying to find the "milk of humale kindness" he does not favor it once he sees you pick locks or lie/bully people in conversation. Yes, really.

Perk: Beserk.Likes: Strong likes it as soon as you kill random world and also eat huguy flesh (excellent if you have the Cannibal Perk)Dislikes: Strong doesn"t choose the Brotherhood of Steel, so dislikes you using Power Armor and acquiring in a Vertibird. He also frowns on lockpicking of any kind and successful speech.

How to recruit Nick Valentine, the personal detective

It"s quite a pursuit line to find Nick, however it"s component of the major story. Firstly, visit the detective firm, as triggered by Piper when you enter Diamond City. Valentine isn"t there, but his secretary asks you to go find him at Park Station, kicking off the Unmost likely Valentine search.

You"ll eventually discover him after a lengthy shootout with Triggermen, and escort him ago to Diamond City. Answer every one of his questions so he have the right to put together a arrangement for finding your boy, and also this will certainly start the Getting A Clue search. Go to Kellogg"s and also as soon as you eventually obtain inside and find the secret room, Nick will sell his solutions as a companion. Nick will certainly hack all yet Master computer terminals for you, which is a good ability if you don"t have actually the Perk yourself.

Perk: Close to MetalLikes: Healing Dogmeat, hacking a computer system and donating items all make Valentine happy.Dislikes: Stealing and pickpocketing acquire the thumbs dvery own, as does picking the lock of a things owned by someone else and murdering randoms.


How to recruit Preston Garvey, leader of the Minutemen

Preston used to be bugged, however he"s been resolved. He"ll be happy to join as your companion once you rescue the Minuteguys at Concord as part of the main search, then develop them at Sanctuary Hills through brief side pursuit slash tutorial. If you advance the Minutemales faction questline too far he might run off to act as a quest giver in Taking Independence, and also is unavailble to travel via you until the pursuit is finimelted - just a heads up.

Perk: United We Stand also.Likes: Modify tools, hand out equipment to world and he"ll respect you.Dislikes: He"s a goody-goody, so do not pick locks, steal, murder, perform drugs or primarily be mean around him.


How to recruit Paladin Danse

You want Paladin Danse on your team bereason he"s a badass in a firefight. You"ll uncover him in the Cambridge Police Station, and he"s keen to assist out brand-new members of the Brotherhood of Steel. He appreciates pressure, so does not object to violence as soon as it"s necessary. You"ll must finish the Brotherhood of Steel factivity quest to unlock his perk, romance him, and uncover his deepest tricks.

Perk: Know Your Enemy.Likes: Modify tools and also armour, enter a Vertibird and Danse will certainly provide.Dislikes: No stealing or picking the locks on items owned by various other civilization. And winners don"t usage drugs.


How to recruit Hancock, the Ghoul

Hancock initially appears prefer a nasty piece of work-related, but he"s a poor boy with a heart of gold, and an excellent companion if you favor violence. You"ll uncover him in Goodneighbor, and also you can gain him on board by functioning for him or completing a side pursuit for Bobbi No-Nose.

As he"s a ghoul himself, Hancock"s Isodoped Perk recharges your Critical hit meter 20 percent much faster gave you have a radiation level of 250 or more.

Perk: IsodopedLikes: He approves of your drug-taking, and likewise likes it when you make serene and violent dialogue options, which is a weird contradiction.Dislikes: Don"t make suppose dialogue options roughly him.


How to recruit Curie, the combat medic robot

Sure, Curie looks prefer a Codsworth, but she"s a lot even more valuable and also has actually a neat French accent. Her Combat Medic perk is well worth the work-related - if you drop listed below 10 percent wellness she"ll heal you by 100 points, although you have the right to just use it when per day.

Curie deserve to be romanced and has actually a really amazing side quest attached to her. Find her in Vault 81 (go back a second time if you haven"t come across her the initially time) and talk to her to start the quest Emergent Behaviour. Trust us on this, you desire to execute it.

Perk: Combat MedicLikes: She likes it when you make suppose, nice and calm dialogue selections, and also provide stuff ameans. Dislikes: As she"s a medic, don"t be killing any type of innocents. And don"t steal or pickpocket.


How to recruit Cait, the addict pit fighter

Cait is a rough and also tumble redhead via the accent to match. Born right into a hard people and also dealt an also worse hand also, she toughened and hardened and also prospered into a formidable fighter via bit respect for soft living. take what you can get, that"s her motto; and also that likewise has taking drugs.

Recruit Cait by clearing the Combat Zamong raiders and also chatting with management; it"s well worth the initiative. Send her into a fight with her shotgun and also she"ll perform you proud, and her Trigger Rush perk suggests your Action Points regeneprice quicker if your wellness gets low. You"ll should finish her Benign Intervention companion search to unlock it.

Perk: Trigger RushLikes: Drinking alcohol, taking your apparel off, picking locks, picking pockets and also bargaining for additional payment all please her.Dislikes: Murder of innocents, offering stuff amethod, helping out for cost-free and also being a jerk will certainly upcollection Cait.Notes: Before Benign Intervention Cait loves to watch you take drugs. After that, she hates it.


How to recruit Deacon, the man of many faces"s main choice for ideal companion in Fallout 4 (spoilers with that link), Deacon is the faction companion for the Railroad, and also is recruited as soon as you join the Railroad. He"s a swell guy who alters his appearance at the drop of a hat, which suggests he"s likewise a resource of totally free clothes if you raid his inventory.

If you"re stealthy type (have you checked out our Infiltrator Fallout 4 build?) you"ll appreciate Deacon"s Cloak & Dagger perk; it nets you +20% sneak attack damage and +40% stealth boy duration.

Perk: Cloak & DaggerLikes: Deacon likes seeing you hack, pick locks, pass speech checks for added caps, and be nice (or intend yet funny) to others.Dislikes: Don"t do murders or use chems approximately Deacon.


How to recruit MacReady, the sniping mercenary

MacReady is loyal to two things: money, and also more money. However, if your worths align, this hotswarm merc is an excellent companion that will serve you faithcompletely, especially if you have actually the sense to position him for sniping your foes.

Receuit MacReady by paying him, obviously; he"s dvery own in the submethod bar in Goodneighbour. Make friends and also you"re looking at a sweet 20%+ accuracy increase on headshots in VATS thanks to his Killswarm perk. Nice.

Perk: KillshotLikes: It"s all around money - make threats, steal, haggle for additional caps, and pick owned locks. Oh, and take your garments off.Dislikes: Don"t murder innocents - however additionally do not give stuff ameans, sell to work for free, or gain addicted to chems; it"s an expensive halittle, check out.


How to recruit X6-88, the Institute Courser

If you prefer Synths but dischoose flexibility, X6-88 is the pal for you. Recruited after joining the Institute, an alternative made easily accessible late in the main storyline. As you"d expect from an edngame companion, X6-88 is quitye the badass; there"s a factor the Institute"s Courers are so geared and respected.

The Shield Harmonics perk you"ll unlock if you make pals with this guy increases your energy resistance by 20%, which is not bad, is it?

Perk: Shield HarmonicsLikes: He likes equipments, so hack, mod your armour and weapons, usage Power Armour and ask for mroe Caps to buy even more devices and also trinkets. Dislikes: Don"t usage chems, give stuff amethod, heal Dogmeat or take your clothing off. Not certain why he cares around the nudity.


How to recruit Longfellow, the crusty old sailor whose name is more than likely a joke

If you have actually the Far Harbor DLC, you can conveniently recruit this beneficial guy by completing the search A Walk in the Park. He"s not an excellent aid in combat, being armed with a rifle and a propensity to rush ideal onto the frontlines. One or the other, mate! Cait or MacReady are a far better option than this compromise situation. Try offering him a shotgun for much better outcomes.

Longfellow"s Perk, Hunter"s Wisdom, is very helpful for wandering the wild; it nerfs opponent animals" physical and power resistance by 25%.

Perk: Hunter"s WisdomLikes: Longfellow likes it when you"re kind, relaxed and valuable, yet likewise when you get drunk and ask for even more money.Dislikes: Murders, chems, offering stuff ameans, pickpocketing, stealing and also refmaking use of researches all annoy Longfellow.


How to recruit Porter Gage, the Raider"s friend

If you elaborate yourself a villain and also have the Nuka World DLC, Porter Gage is the man for you. Far also clever before to paint a taracquire on himself, Gage prefers to act as the éminence grise to whoever commands the warring factions in the theme park. You need to finish the quest An Ambitious Plan to recruit him.

Gage has the Lessons in Blood perk, which grants you +5% XP for kills, as well as +10 damage resistance.

Perk: Lessons in BloodLikes: Stealing, picking locks, refutilizing to assist NComputers, modding your guns, acting selfish and also being mean all please Gage mightily.Dislikes: Gage will certainly not like it if you obtain drunk or usage chems, and also likewise dislikes you offering points ameans, helping NPCs and also being sort.

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How to recruit Ada and also your very own individual Automatron

If none of the existing companions please you, modify or make your own. The Automatron DLC offers a moddable robotic companion, Ada, and also likewise provides you the opportunity to develop one of your very own from scratch, specifically as you"d favor it to be. You deserve to develop as many type of as you prefer, but only one have the right to acagency you approximately. They make great settlement guards, though!

Neither Ada nor the Automatron companions have actually affinity levels, and do not market perks. You can recruit Ada in the time of the Automaton story goals, and also must development much enough to unlock robot crafting to make your very own companion.