I was wondering because i remember when i was younger my grandmom periodically waburned my hair with continuous bar soap once providing me my bath. I dont think it did anything destructive to my hair. And i"m reasoning that possibly with all of the mild moisturizing soaps and also body washes out on the industry this day that perhaps it wouldnt be a poor concept to just use one anywhere cleansing product for your body and also hair and simply follow up via your favorite conditioner. What carry out you men think?

I don"t think this is an excellent principle babyblue. To my expertise, bar soaps and also body washes are extremely alkaline. This means disaster over time for the hair bereason the hair and also scalp are normally acidic. It"s finest to usage a cleansing product cshed to the very same acidic PH (4.5-5.5) of the hair and also scalp.

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nope!! it may not have done any kind of damage making use of continual soap, however i"m certain it didn"t carry out any kind of excellent either. human being certainly want alot of bubbles with body washes and soaps. through the harsh chemicals that have to be provided to achieve that, i"m sure even the "mild" ones have plenty.if your goal is to preserve your existing length, it would certainly probably be okay. but, why risk it? i"m a firm believer in providing the hair what it needs, not utilizing what you have the right to acquire amethod with. tbelow are likewise excellent shampoos on the industry. i think you have to save using them. /images/graemlins/smile.gifadrienne
I would certainly be exceptionally leery of using body soap to was my hair. The just exceptions would certainly be ones like Dr. Bronners or maybe a castile or milk soap from the health food keep. These are organic soaps that are mild and not practically as harsh as the soaps at the grocery save.

I would advise versus it also. I have dry skin and some soaps and body wamelted dry it out even more, also the gentle ones. So, I deserve to imagine what it would certainly execute to your hair over time.

I wouldn"t perform it. As a kid I waburned my hair with Dove soap in the tub because I couldn"t reach the shampoos and conditioners and I wanted to wash my hair appropriate then and there. My hair was extreeeeeemly dry, and boy it hurt to get it blowdried and also pressed. My hair was sore for hours. I"ll never before perform it again. It"s as well drying, and also I"ll stick to poo"s and conditioners.

I used the Kiss me Olive soap and also Shakakai(??) soaps. They worked well(not alot of lather) however I can just offered them via incredibly soft water. Hard water was out of the question. I didn"t like the smell of either one so I didn"t use them aobtain. You can buy shampoo bar soaps. I"ve checked out them on the internet. I simply choose liquid. I do not know what would certainly have actually been the results over time.

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