If you love the rain, then you most likely wait for the monshortly season all year long. Well, lucky for you, it’s below currently, and you deserve to have all the fun out in the rainy season.

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But wait! Hold on. Tbelow is a nursery rhyme for rain as well:

Rain, rain, go away. Come again an additional day…

Um, what? Yeah, it is true. While some people look as much as rain as a blessing, various other civilization most likely don’t favor the principle of rain.

Why is that? I mean, as soon as you think about it, plenty of reasons come up. And the main factor which we are going to talk around is…shoes!

That’s appropriate, women and also gentleguys. Now, wouldn’t you concern about what happens to your leather shoes in rain?


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Oh, don’t be so stressed out about that. Tright here is a solution to eincredibly difficulty. Well, almost eincredibly trouble. Here is exactly how you deserve to wear those fabulous leather shoes you bought, in rain without a care in the world. Be it the Oxfords or the leather boots!

We gained your back! Or, your feet, I guess?

While dirt and various other elements are not the best for your shoes, rain is on the height of that list. Do you understand what happens once water comes in call with leather? Some short-term bonds are formed with oils in the hide.

And once all that water evapoprices, some of the oils are gone with it. Your shoes could get discolored bereason of watermarks anywhere them. Even if the leather is dried, these marks are quite complex to remove.

In addition, the leather may likewise stretch if your shoes are totally soaked!

Curing your shoes after the damage has been done is one point, but prevention is undoubtedly much better, isn’t it?

Invest in Waterproof Leather!

This has two benefits. It looks excellent and also functions good too. These shoes will certainly save you dry wherever you go.


If you live in a room wright here you accomplish through rain rather often, do examine to what level the footwear is waterproof. That will certainly make things less complicated for you.

Waterproofing is not a life time solution!

Ding, ding, ding! That layer of wax on the optimal of new shoes is not going to last forever. The layer is a water obstacle, yet can you trust that obstacle for a very lengthy time?

The answer is, no! You certainly cannot.

So, what need to be done about that? Hmmm.

It’s easy, lads.

You just have to look after them in the finest means feasible. And the way to go is, you have actually gained to invest in a conditioner or oil which will aid the shoes preserve their water-resistant properties.

To apply conditioner on your shoes, simply grab an old t-shirt or any kind of item of cloth which is clean. Then, dab that towel on some oil or conditioner. Next off, simply work that towel on your leather shoes and voila! You don’t have to sweat around your leather shoes in rain anymore! So go out and also flaunt that babsence zipper leather boots without a care in the world!


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How frequently and also exactly how difficult you are wearing your leather shoes is one way to figure out exactly how much maintenance they require.

Waterproof Cover? Great Idea!

Living in an area wright here you are met by rain regularly does have actually some problems. Due to the fact that you cannot dodge the rain, you deserve to defend your leather shoes by investing in a waterproof cover.

Galoshes or any type of other rubber over-shoe is what you need. Just keep them stacked in your car at all times. You never before understand when you could need them. Your shoes are valuable! Letting the rain destroy them is not very nice, is it?

What to perform if your shoes are wet already?

Oh, no! Your shoes were out in the rain without any kind of defense. Now what? Are they destroyed?! What perform you mean? I can’t wear them anymore?!!!!

Don’t obtain so riled up. There is still a lot that you can do. And the initially thing? You must calm dvery own. You involved the best place, and also you have us to assist you out, don’t you?

Let them dry, dry, and dry!

Do you recognize the damages which has actually been done to your shoes can be decreased if you dry them out in the correct manner?

However before, prior to placing them aside to dry out, make certain you put some newspaper in the shoes or shoe trees. This will certainly aid them hold the form up. Wet feet can influence the fit of your shoes!

The best means to dry them is to lay them on their sides. This means, the soles deserve to acquire dry as they soak up a lot of the water because of their thickness.

Let them dry normally. There is no need for an fabricated heat source such as a radiator or a heating system vent. Leather dries out easily, and if any type of warmth source is provided, it could reason further damage to your beautiful shoes.

So, your shoes need to be inserted in a cool and also dry place! So it’s time to take out those red Chelsea boots sitting in your wardrobe and walk the fashion statement that you constantly wanted to make!


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Restore the shoes ASAP!

This component is a pain in the neck, however sometimes you need to experience for the excellent stuff.


Give your shoes a complete day to totally dry out prior to moving on. Firstly, brush the shoes to remove any kind of dirt and also debris that obtained in the shoes due to the rain.

Next, use shoe cream, or you can usage a conditioner too as the lack of oil in the leather could crack your fabulous shoes. Just a warning, shoe cream might take away some of the polish of your boots. So, re-polishing them is an additional point you will have to carry out.

Treat the salt stains as well!

Oh well. Rain seems pretty dangerous if it leaves salt stains on your leather shoes! These stains have the right to permanently damage the leather, and also you might not be able to wear them again.

However before, you can deal with these stains if you job-related quick.

Once you take off your shoes, look out for any kind of ridges. If you watch them, take a damp towel and rub it. This will lessen the ridges, and the salt will begin coming off also. And when your shoes are dry, you will need to use either shoe cream or a conditioner.

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As said prior to, avoidance is much better than cure. But even if you leave your leather shoes in rain, you need to know that it is not the end of the people.

It takes an effort to bring them earlier to wearable condition, but if you are willing to perform the tough occupational, you have the right to do anything! Don’t provide up so quickly, and also you have a lot left to dominate in this civilization. And beginning from your shoes is a great idea!