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Catcher in the Rye Components ContextThe Author CharactersChapter 1 Chapters 2 -3 Chapters 4-5 Chapters 6-8 Chapters 9-10 Chapters 11-12 Chapters 13-15 Chapters 16-17 Chapters 18-20 Chapters 21-23 Chapters 24-26 Questions advertisement

Chapters 24 to 26 Synopsis Holden goes to Mr. Antolini"s apartment expecting to receive sympathy and knowledge. Holden tells him that rules at Pencey are as well strict and squelch imagination. Instead of agreeing with him Mr. Antolini points the fallacies for this dispute and also Holden backs down. After having actually coffee, Mr. Antolini becomes more major and tries to warn Holden that he sees significant difficulties in his future unless he learns to apply himself and also learns to confront his concerns. He tells him that he is not the only young male to have actually difficulties through the onset of adulthood, however that the need to try and make an initiative to use himself in college if he is to have any type of future. Only in this method deserve to he learn even more around the human being and the worqueens of his very own mind. Feeling very exhausted Holden goes to sleep on the couch. He is startled when he unexpectedly feels Mr. Antolini"s hand stroking his head. Feeling uncomfortable after that, Holden leaves the apartment in a hurry. Holden is uncertain wright here to go. On impulse it seems, Holden decides to go out west to find a new begin and also wants to satisfy Phoebe for the last time to say goodbye. The rest of the chapter involves Holden going to Phoebe"s school to supply the message to accomplish him in the museum. While inside, Holden tries to erase dirty graffiti messeras to protect the minds of the innocent elementary kids. At the museum, he comforts a pair of little boys that are frightened to see the mummies. Now he is really becoming a catcher in the rye. Later, Holden and Phoebe fulfill and also have actually an discussion about him going out west. At some point Holden gives in and also decides not to go. Instead he goes to the zoo via Phoebe and also the scene ends through her riding on the carousel alone while Holden watches her, again acting as a catcher in the rye. Salinger"s last chapter is really not a lot of a chapter, but just a brief commentary note to the reader by Holden, who gives an upday of his current plans. As usual, he isn"t really sure what those plans are, not learning whether or not he"ll apply himself in college following autumn. Interpretation Holden leaves Mr. Antolini"s house dazed and also puzzled, yet still unwilling to judge him without knowing all the facts. Unchoose previous instances in the dorm wbelow Holden is quick to judge others, this time the boy refrains from reasoning anypoint around Mr. Antolini. This marks a progression in Holden"s growth as a perkid and also especially as a catcher in the rye. Holden simply absorbs whatever about him, both good and bad, being unable and also unwilling to judge in between good and evil anymore. Holden will attempt to save all the youngsters, not just the excellent ones. Tright here are some interesting scenes via Phoebe whose actions clearly speak her disturbed brother embarking on his hitchhiking trek out West. He has actually a opportunity to act the part of a "catcher in the rye" also whilst falling acomponent at the seams psychologically. He realizes this because if Phoebe went via him hitchhiking this would certainly damage her innocence and also his strange actions would certainly prove harmful too. He, therefore, decides to continue to be and safeguard his sister from the pain of the actual civilization and also conserve her from the falmost everywhere the cliff into adulthood. The last scene is taken up via Holden watching his sister on the merry-go-round and suddenly he is deliriously happy witnessing the scene of childhood happiness and also innocence via no intrusion from the ugly, adult human being. Finally, although Holden refoffers to talk more about his story, a few essential details are derived. He was sent out from his home to a sanatorium to recoup from the breakdvery own. He will certainly be going to a brand-new college in the Fall, wbelow it is hoped he will certainly have the ability to apply himself. Throughout the entirety informing of the tale tright here is this protective cynical tone, and also it is clear that Holden was not able to find any hope in the adult civilization, which surrounded and ultimately engulfed him. At the finish of the book, once Holden says that he misses everyone, even Maurice, the seemingly ruthless archadversary of Holden, it proves for the last time that Holden has end up being a true catcher in the rye. Someone that wants to defend everyone, no issue whether he is good or evil. Holden can not identify in between the 2 and doesn"t wish to. Perhaps he is even trying to protect his many helpful asset: his own perceptions of others.

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In spite of all he has gone via, tbelow is still a facet of innocence in his character, which provides his story so amazing, and also this may well make the future for Holden more hopeful.