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The adhering to reports are from 3rd party sources. The Bed Bug PlanetSM Program provides no depiction regarding the fact and also accuracy of any kind of of these reports, they are built up from throughout the internet by the Bed Bug PlanetSM Search Engine.

On Sep 1 2012 elrn50 wrote, and also the tub was dirty and also had cracked paint and hair in it. On the bright side, tright here were no bed bugs and also the staff was very nice. Tbelow was a fenced-in pond area directly across from our room (771) and we experienced an alligator, egrets, and a vast deer tbelow. Breakquick was $8 per person (periods 10 and under eat free) for the buffet which consisted of: mini-bagels, cinnamon rolls, fruit (not...Read Full Report at

On Jul 18 2012 tanyap p wrote, ...3 yr. old had actually a cold from breapoint the AC air that blasts appropriate next to her confront on the beds. 5. BUGS- My 15 year old foung a bed bug in her bed, and also the 13 yr. old obtained little bit. NO assistance. What have the right to you exect develop a cheap, filthy motels? 6. Don"t also gain me began about the toilets.I was glad the the toliet even flushed (in our other room it didn"t, so the 6 of us common 1 bathroom) 7. When...Read Full Report at

On Jul 13 2012 Jeremy B composed, ...on this webwebsite ahead of time, i was scared to death to go to the seralago! after reading around bed bugs, horrible company, smelly and also beat up rooms, however the truth is these civilization are overreacting or are method too picky. I had an excellent suffer, the human being were friendly, the pool was a tiny crowded however nice, and also had actually a conveniant bar! Tright here was an arcade, i think i spent more time in there then...Read Full Report at

On Jun 25 2012 Braniac50 wrote, Great location for the price! Clean rooms, friendly staff, and NO BED BUGS (we checked). Only minor trouble was a musty, bleachy smell by the sink location, yet that was not a big deal as tright here is carpeting in the room, and it seems it was wamelted freshly. But for $40.00 a night do not expect 5 star accommodations. Would certainly stay below aobtain. Also close to Old Tvery own (ideal next door).Read Full Report at

On Jun 18 2012 TravelNerd_23 created, ...they were damaged. The beds, although also stiff for me did seem to be rather new. With all the bed bug problems going on in that area I make it a suggest to inspect the mattresses for bed bugs prior to we carry anypoint right into the room. The mattresses were exceptionally clean and also prefer I sassist practically brand-new looking. The pool area was amazing. Although looking prefer a really kid friendly hotel, the pool goes from four...Read Full Report at

On Apr 25 2012 OttawaCan613 wrote, Stayed for 5 days - apr 18-23 Starting noticing lil bites that looked prefer mosquito bites or pimples after a couple of days-yep! They are bed bug bites :( We had actually 2 rooms: 215 & 217 & we both obtained them I hope my new home isn"t infested currently.remained
Serelago a couple yrs ago bereason of good value- WON"T go ago currently :(Read Full Report at

On Apr 3 2012 emcclay composed, ...and our door was open currently. This brought about finding mosquitoes everywhere the location. I experienced bit bugs between the door and TV wbelow the wall meets the ceiling. Tbelow was likewise a dead moth under the bathroom door! Our room smelled musty, probably from the A.C. The bottom corner of the bathroom door frame had actually rusted amethod. The bed passed my bed bug inspect. I know Florida water has actually sulfur in it, and this water...Read Full Report at

On Mar 17 2012 Seralearlier hotel March 11-15, 2012. did not view any kind of signs of bedbugs till leaving the room at 4am. Woke my boy up by turning on the light and a pest was crawling away from him, I bruburned it amethod and also it smeared into a quarter sized spot of blood on the sheets. I googled bedbugs and also that is what it was. then reported it to management.Read Full Report at

On Nov 6 2011 sugar51404 wrote, hubby and also it was just OK! The room smelled, the curtians were dirty, approximately the bathroom door was all rotten choose. The water press for the tub was terrible, took forever before to fill the tub. The TV was oldd. Tbelow were no bedbugs and also the beds were comfortable. The examine in and check out was fast n friendly. If u r simply tbelow to sleep and gone at parks the majority of of the day then it is a good value.Read Full Report at

On Oct 13 2011 Shaliag created, ...they verified me we determined to continue to be in. but I put my suit instances in plastic bags and also checked out walmart to buy bedbug spray. And plastic sheet protectors on height of the bedspcheck out I dare not look under the bedspread, We slept on peak of the plastic through new sheets lugged from walmart and also I likewise use towels and wash apparel lugged from walmart. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANOTHER CHEAP HOTEL EVER EVER AGAINRead Full Report at

On Sep 14 2011 Lee Y composed, Recently we stayed at the Seralgo for 1 week, Their AC was leaking and also lamp was damaged we talked to them around these but nobody come to repair. The a lot of importent was my wife gained badly itch everywhere her body after stayed in the hotel. Doctor say "is bed bug bite". We never going earlier to this hotel anyeven more. Whoever go to this hotel require be careful their bed. I hope they could take seriously around the...Read Full Report at

On Jul 17 2011 sveitch wrote, ...light was constantly flickering because it was burning out " I think" and also you could check out the dead bugs in the bottom if the light cover. Tbelow was a small refrigerator and microwave in the bathroom area so I guess that"s why they contact it a suite. We uncovered out, after the fact, that the hotel had actually been reported even more than when for having bed bugs. I did not endure that myself but we did not stay...Read Full Report at

On Jul 13 2011 We remain below alot and also have actually never had actually an issue. But have actually had a Major worries through an additional place. Wondering what room you were in so we don"t get that room when we go ago in October. Thanks.Read Full Report at

On Jul 11 2011 FamOFive4707 created, ...on the children sheet. approximately 4am my oldest woke up screaming somepoint was crawling on her, observed the bug didn"t recognize what it was kill it told her go ago to sleep its nothing, referred to as front desk to let them understand they available to switch room we told them we have small children didn"t want to wake them in the middle of the night we"ll adjust first point in the morning. then few more min later aget this time...Read Full Report at

On Jul 11 2011 FamOFive4707 wrote, ...was till i google it now n complement it w/the pic we soaked up the hotel) I call them to tell them their bugs in the room. switch room while the youngsters were sleeping other than the earliest, after placing the children it their bed looking around went to my bed n of course a little guess baby roach was on the finish table so obtained paper towel n kill it. allows simply say we were happy once we weren"t in the hotel room. maids...Read Full Report at

On Jun 28 2011 mangelo77 created, ...they are upset so I take reviews through a grain of salt yet trust me once I say this place does have actually bed bugs. We drove over from Tampa the night before to spend the following day at Disney so we only essential a area for the night so I figured this place would be fine since we really only essential a location to sleep. We remained tbelow a week back and currently my daughter and I have actually bed bug bites. When the bites verified...Read Full Report at

On May 9 2011 tlvsgreen1 created, ...she was acquiring bitten again, we pulled up the sheets and also low and also behold, it was infested with bed bugs, my husband picked up a few of them and saw the front desk and also told them what was going on and confirmed them the bugs and also they shelp, I Quote "we are not Bed Bug Experts" and also asked if we wanted a various room and also my Husband also told them no we dont desire to go thru this aacquire we would certainly simply like...Read Full Report at

On Oct 2 2010 mugadoon created, ...dirty room, on the contrary- it was fairly clean. Carpet was neither dirty nor worn, and no authorize of bedbugs anywhere! Tbelow were a few minor problems, such as: battery was lacking from TV remote, faceplate was falling off the telephone, and the deadbolt to the adjoining room had a loosened screw to it. However before, the deadbolt still operated and also tbelow was likewise a slide lock on the door that operated. The door...Read Full Report at

On Mar 22 2010 fostermomma wrote, ...out the yelling children and also doors slamming everywhere and then hoped and prayed we did not leave through bed bugs or worse from this dump. WIth the area it has actually the potential to be excellent however; it shows up they have the right to still make their money and not need to upday or deal with anypoint as long as they have the huge institution groups of kids coming. The one bright spot was maintainance. When the blow dryer basically...Read Full Report at

On Nov 27 2009 gman45678 wrote, i would say to anyone not to go tright here it was so dirty and soo many bed bugs!Read Full Report at

On Nov 22 2009 vacations4us2 created, ...attempt. On the 3rd morning my boy woke up through red spots all over him. I kbrand-new appropriate away they were bed bug bites. I checked my daughter and found a couple of marks on her too. Now for eveyone that is saying, what about all the human being who remained and didn"t have actually bed bugs. I was told by our physician that just around a 1/3 of people react to bed bug bites. Needles to say we seen. We had actually asked to sheight...Read Full Report at

On Oct 20 2009 lauren32063 created, ...No one on the staff speaks English Would not give refund and also offered me run-roughly Had my auto damaged into and then they tried to get in my door! Bedbugs & other critters Honestly, I was miserable. If you have actually no requirements, this is the place for you. Otherwise, spend the additional $18 a night and also go throughout the street to the BRAND NEW Holiday Inn! and then ride Seralago"s complimentary shuttle at 8:10 am!Read Full Report at

On Sep 30 2009 monawhite_rose created, ...a crappy settle up job! And as soon as we acquired right into the room is stunk like wet dog or wet carpet, it didn"t look extremely clean either. My fiance and also I booked a room with Disney at their value resorts as fast as we could and gained out of the Serelback hotel ASAP. The price was not worth feeling choose we would certainly be robbed while we were gone in the day or while we slept or feeling prefer we"d be resting with bed bugs.Read Full Report at

On Sep 9 2009 the-nicoson-family wrote, ...the room. After around 2 minutes of looking roughly, my daughter asks, "Mommy, what type of bug is this on the headboard?" I ABOUT FELL ON THE FLOOR! IT WAS A BEDBUG! NOT ONE BUG, NOT TWO BUGS, BUT THREE BEDBUGS WERE FOUND MOVING SLOWLY ON THE HEADBOARD! We dubbed the front desk and DEMANDED a refund.

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(Which, we had to go via Hotwire and they did make it ideal for us. I appreciate all that Hotwire...Read Full Report at