DDH is Fighting for Immigrant Justice.

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Deportation Defense Houston (DDH) is a task of the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative, which brings together a cohort of immigration legal solutions providers: YMCA Internationwide Services, BakerRipley, and also Justice for Our Neighbors-Houston. Deportation Defense Houston offers detained representation via an imaginative and also collaborative approach that consists of public engagement, the Immiapprove Rights Hotline, a deportation defense legal clinic, and also impact litigation. The cohort likewise functions to educate policy-devices and also the public around the detention and also deportation units via tours of detention infrastructure, presentations, and also area outreach. Many importantly, DDH is responsive to the demands of the Houston neighborhood.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE – Deportation Defense Houston will provide totally free legal representation in Houston’s detention centers for low-earnings breakable immigrants, through a focus on protecting Houston area community members, taking on challenging issues, and also being responsive to the network of community partners.

This project is proud to be a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Southeastern Immigive Freedom Initiative (SIFI) netoccupational. More information around the network have the right to be uncovered at the SPLC website.


Read our brief overwatch of the initially year of the Deportation Defense Houston project (July 2018 via July 2019).

The Need

Houston has 4 immigration detention centers within 75 miles of downtown, via a total bed capacity of 4,114. Houston’s detention facilities recurrent nearly 10% of all detained immigrants in the USA. The need for legal depiction for these immigrants is large, especially for those that lack the sources to hire an immigration attorney. Only about 7% of individuals win their cases – the remainder are deported. The detention and also deportation of an estimated 6,612 Harris County residents per year has a prouncovered impact on Houston. To learn even more, review HILSC’s report: Communities Torn Apart: The Impact of Detention and also Deportation in Houston, publimelted in November 2020.


There is no constitutional appropriate to counsel in the immigration court system and so many immigrants show up before a judge without any kind of legal representation. Local experts estimate that the depiction rate for detained immigrants is only 10%. Multiple studies have presented that having actually legal depiction dramatically enhances the possibilities of winning your immigration situation. In a 2017 research of the New York Immigration Family Unity Project (NYIFUP), which provides cost-free legal depiction to eexceptionally detained immiprovide in New York City, the authors found that in the initially 3 years of the NYIFUP job, 48% of cases will finish successfully for clients, interpretation they will can stay legally in the United States. This is a 1,100% boost from the formerly observed 4% success rate. Having a good immigration lawyer is the essential variable in being able to establish a best to remajor in the USA.

It is basically unsimply for anyone living in the USA to confront a judge without an attorney to assist them navigate a complex legal mechanism. Tbelow is no true due procedure in the immigration mechanism and countless people are being deported yearly without any opportunity to as necessary argue their instance against their own government. The project explained below looks for to boost this case in the better Houston region.


Deportation Defense Houston recognizes the astronomical injury deportation causes our neighborhood and values cumulative resistance – from education to advocacy to legal depiction – to minimize the separation of households and the deportation of valued neighborhood members. DDH is committed to ensuring that accessibility to this project is effective and responsive for detainees and also their loved ones.

The DDH partners identify the prominence of implementing this job collaboratively, also though it presents distinct difficulties. Partners agree that tbelow is value building neighborhood within the legal solutions company, being in continuous interaction, and institutionalizing knowledge across multiple institutions.

With regard to DDH staff, we will work to balance central coordicountry with expert development and also versatility in pursuing their skilled interests. Given the emotionally difficult nature of this job-related, we are committed to giving avenues for self-care to this cohort.

Case Priorities

While our goal is to eventually have actually adequate assistance to market “global representation” to all immigrants facing deportation in Houston, we are a long way from that goal. DDH has figured out the complying with instance priorities for representation via this project:

Individuals through ties to the greater Houston region (e.g. legal irreversible citizens living in Houston; company owners; parental fees of children who are in local college districts; current arrivals that intend to reside in the region)Particularly vulnerable individuals (e.g. LGBTQ individuals; unaccompanied children; asylum seekers; those who have actually been falsely accsupplied of gang membership)Individuals whose clintends may be tied to influence litigation or hot switch policy issues (e.g. individuals that have actually experienced abusage in detention; SB4-connected arrests; DACAmented individuals; parents separated from their children at the border; people arrested in sensitive locations)Individuals who are tied to community-based advocacy organizations (e.g. activists; members of immigrant rights organizing groups)

Get Representation or Make a Referral

Family Member external Detention:

Monday via Friday, from 9am to 5pm, to refer a household member for a screening.

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Human being Inside a Detention Center:

Call DDH’s Detention Hotline directly by dialing 944 from the phones inside their dorms.

Free representation may be accessible to individuals detained at any type of of the four Houston location ICE detention facilities:

Houston Contract Detention Facility (15850 Export Plaza Drive, Houston, TX 77032)Joe Corley Detention Facility (500 Hilsubstantial Road, Conroe, TX, 77301)Montgomery Processing Center (806 Hilsignificant St, Conroe, TX 77301)IAH Secure Adult Detention Facility (3400 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX, 77351)