I’m going to share a funny story with you. My husband and also I moved right into our new residence we constructed around 4 months earlier. One night, in the first week, I woke him up at 4 a.m., startled by a buzzing noise. I followed sassist noise to the bathroom where all I could detect was that it was coming from the outlet in the wall. I began relooking electrical fires on Google of course and made my husband remove the face plate, encouraged there were wires burning up in tbelow. We uncovered nothing. We also had actually an electrician come the next day and he shelp there was no malattribute that might be watched. Around this exact same time, my Clarisonic Mia had been “ghosting,” interpretation that it would certainly randomly revolve itself on. I noticed it buzzing in the drawer one day all on it’s very own and also then it hit me. Our electric systems are fine. My Clarisonic is a demon! So it’s basically been shorting itself out for the previous 2 months. It’s on it’s last leg I know and after 4+ strong years, it’s time. It has actually provided me so much. Clari, I shall miss thee. Funeral details are forthcoming.

All that being shelp, not really all set to fork over $100+ for a brand-new Clarisonic, and also curious around using more chemical/gentle exfoliation approaches, I’ve been using alternative methods to clean my challenge. I really appreciated the Dr. Sponge konjac sponges method back as soon as so as soon as I experienced EcoTools had released their own at just $6 each, I scarfed. 

For the previous 2 months, I’ve simply been using the EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge, alternating with my Root Fresh Face cleanser and also Trader Joes one and I want to say, my skin has actually looked better for it. I suspect that the more gentle cleansing technique has perhaps lessened redness and also inflammation. The sponge still exfoliates however so softly that you don’t also alert. Keep in mind, I am definitely not saying the Clarisonic is bad for your skin. I loved utilizing it and I might obtain another one day yet I carry out think a konjac sponge and also gentle cleanser are a terrific, budobtain friendly alternative! I love that the EcoTools sponges deserve to be picked up at Targain and also Walgreen’s which is really convenient for me, vs. having to order the replacement heads for the Clarisonic or making a pilgrimage to Sephora or Ulta.

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For more indevelopment on what specifically konjac sponges are, this article will tell you even more.