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Here"s a sample itinerary for a drive from Clovis (New Mexico) to Santa Fe (New Mexico). If you"re planning a road expedition to Santa Fe (New Mexico), you can research places to sheight alengthy the means. Traveling via a dog or cat? View pet-friendly stops in between Clovis (New Mexico) and also Santa Fe (New Mexico). Camping alengthy the way? View RV campgrounds in between Clovis (New Mexico) and Santa Fe (New Mexico). Find the ideal hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on themany talked around areas recommfinished by members.

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10:00 am start in Clovis (New Mexico)drive for around 38 minutes

10:38 am Melrosecontinue to be for around 1 hour and leave at 11:38 amdrive for around 51 minutes

12:28 pm Ft Sumnercontinue to be for about 1 hour and also leave at 1:28 pmdrive for around 43 minutes

2:12 pm Santa Rosa (New Mexico)continue to be for around 1 hour and also leave at 3:12 pmdrive for around 1.5 hours

4:27 pm Clines Cornersremain for about 1 hour and also leave at 5:27 pmdrive for around 1 hour

6:34 pm Santa Fe Plazastay for about 1 hour and leave at 7:34 pmdrive for about 5 minutes

7:39 pm arrive in Santa Fe (New Mexico)eat at The Shedcontinue to be at Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi

driving ≈ 4.5 hours

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Wbelow should I stop along the way?

MelroseFort SumnerSanta Rosa (New Mexico) (2 answers)Clines CornersSanta Fe Plaza (7 mentions)

Where"s the best area to remain in Santa Fe (New Mexico)?

Are you going right to a hotel, orlooking for a vacation rental or Airbnb?

The best reresource on areas, locations,and hotels is the page onwright here to continue to be in Santa Fe (New Mexico).

If you"re searching for a quick answer, you deserve to check out Roselumber Inn of the Anasazi, which was pointed out 5 times on

Here are some more hotels civilization talk about:

La Fonda Hotel (4 mentions)
Ten Thousand also Waves (4 mentions)
Inn and also Spa at Loretto (3 mentions)

Want to research even more famous hotels in Santa Fe (New Mexico)?Click the blue button below.

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Where"s the ideal area to eat in Santa Fe (New Mexico)?

Need some referrals on somewhere to acquire food? members imply The Shed, which was discussed 5 times.

Here are some even more restaurants world talk about:

Cafe Pasqual"s (4 mentions)
Tia Sophia"s (3 mentions)
La Boca (2 mentions)
Coyote Cafe (2 mentions)

Want to research even more renowned restaurants in Santa Fe (New Mexico)?Click the blue button below.

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What are some things to execute in Santa Fe (New Mexico)?

This section can be endmuch less, so quite than trying tosuggest eexceptionally regional activity or attraction, we"ll leave itopen-ended.

These are some of the places world talk around on

Santa Fe Plaza (5 mentions)
Georgia O"Keeffe Museum (4 mentions)
Loretto Chapel (4 mentions)
Museum Of Internationwide Folk Art (3 mentions)
El Farol (2 mentions)

Of course, is the perfect area to ask questionsbecause there"s a whole area of travelers talkingto each various other and sharing tips and also advice. is whereyou deserve to get answers personalized for your tastes, budgets,trip days & more!

For example, right here are some inquiries civilization have actually asked around Santa Fe (New Mexico). Click on any type of question to see answers from the community!

Melissa from asked:Hotels in Santa Fe via spa? (3 answers)

Katie from Los Angeles asked:Best totally free things to carry out in Santa Fe? (3 answers)

Julia from Boston asked:Wine lover's Santa Fe? (3 answers)

Jessica from Calabasas asked:Top 5 things to carry out as a family! (3 answers)

Click the switch listed below to discover more questionsand answers pertained to Santa Fe (New Mexico).

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Do I really need to go ago home?

Up to you!

Yes, also this action is optional, bereason if you"re on vacationthat desires the pilgrimage to end? It"s okay, you can start planning yourfollowing trip!

Want to arrangement the expedition back? Get the reverse directions for aSanta Fe (New Mexico) to Clovis (New Mexico) drive, or go to the main page to arrangement a new road pilgrimage.

Looking for ideas for even more destinations within driving distance of Clovis (New Mexico)? Try looking for locations within 3.5 hours of Clovis (New Mexico).

You have the right to additionally compare the take a trip time if you"re flying or drivingby calculating the distance from Clovis (New Mexico) to Santa Fe (New Mexico). Or obtain a complete Clovis (New Mexico) to Santa Fe (New Mexico) trip arrangement.

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Don"t forgain about exploring your very own hometvery own via a staycation.You can also uncover some cool day trips or gain away for a weekend.Maybe attempt keying in a farameans location prefer London, Hong Kong,or Sydney, and gain motivated for your dream expedition about the people.

And if you know Clovis (New Mexico) well, please aid your fellowtravelers and also answer their inquiries around Clovis (New Mexico)!