Come Rain or Come Shine, a beautiful song that Frank Sinatra really liked to sing, was written by Harold Arlen in 1946. Johnny Mercer composed the lyrics for Come Rain or Come Shine, and it was for the musical St. Louis Woguy. In truth, totality music of this musical was by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer. The recording was initially made by Tommy Dorsey‘s Orchestra in 1946, and also many singers, consisting of Frank Sinatra, videotaped or sang this song later. It ended up being a typical then.

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Frank Sinatra sang Come Rain or Come Shine many kind of times through his career, firstly using radio broadcasts, then in his albums. He initially taped the song on November 22, 1961, for his album “Sinatra and Strings”, which was released in 1962 and was arranged by Don Costa. In 1993, Frank Sinatra videotaped Come Rain or Come Shine for his “Duets” album, and also Gloria Estefan sang a part of it.

When Sinatra was singing at Caesars Palace, and was singing Come Rain or Come Shine, Don Costa was listed to say: “That’s still the ideal chart I wrote”. Will Friedwald, writer of “Sinatra! The Track Is You”, says: “The Sinatra-Costa “Come Rain or Come Shine” may well be the collaboration’s masteritem, successfully combining the high drama of grand opera through the pure power of blues.”

Come Rain or Come Shine is really a item of work, via its remarkable orchestration. Ray Charles’ variation is also worth pointing out, and can be regarded as much better than Sinatra’s.

Below is a beautiful performance of Frank Sinatra, singing Come Rain or Come Shine.

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What did Frank Sinatra say about Come Rain or Come Shine?

Frank Sinatra: This is a wonderful song by Johnn Mercer, plan by Don Costa. (1981 Argentina)

Frank Sinatra: Great song by Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer. Orchestrated by Don Costa. I love to sing this song. Great song. (Live at Meadowlands)

Frank Sinatra: Good song by Harold Arlen, and also Johnny Mercer. Don Costa’s orchestration. One of my favourite songs. (1993/ November 21, Foxwoods Casino)

Frank Sinatra: I favor this song, almost more than any kind of other song I have ever before sang. Mr. Harold Arlen and also Mr. Johnny Mercer, wonderful orchestration by Don Costa. (1985 Japan Concert)

Frank Sinatra: This is somepoint by Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen, and Don Costa’sorchestration. This is an absolute statement coming from me to all of youbereason the reality that you pertained to spend an evening via me. (September 281991, Oslo)*

Frank Sinatra: This following song is a marvelous song composed by two of the excellent song authors, I stop of Harold Arlen and also Mr. Johnny Mercer. And they wrote many many wonderful songs together. THIS one is exceptionally special to me. Wonderful setup by Don Costa. (August 20 1982, Dominideserve to Republic)*

Frank Sinatra: This song was written by Charlie Chapman and Tom Mix, I don’t also know this. Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, and also orchestrated by the excellent Don Costa. Good song. This is from me to you, everywhere. (April 24 1994, Radio City Music Hall)*

Frank Sinatra: If I had to pick from 50 songs or 100 songs that we understand, a lot of of us know, this one would be contained at all times. It was written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, good team. And also orchestrated by a brilliant man called Don Costa. And this is directly from me to you. (October 9 1991, The Point)*

Frank Sinatra: This is a marvelous song, I choose singing this one. (December 19-20 1994, Fukuoka Dome)*

Frank SInatra: This can be among the ideal pieces of famous music ever before composed, in spite of the wonderful tunes we have actually. Harold Arlen and also Johnny Mercer, and Don Costa did the orchestration. (December 30 1993, MGM)*

Frank Sinatra: Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen wrote this one. Arranged by Don Costa, one of my favorite songs of all time. Great song. This is dedicated to all of you in this room. (March 20 1984, Veterans Memorial Coliseum)*

*Special thanks to Michael Wind for his contributions concerning what did Sinatra say around Come Rain or Come Shine.