Changes to Loot Drops

Firstly the device will no longer drop duplicate items. Additionally, you now just obtain items for factions that you own (Prior to this update drops were biased in the direction of the currently played army however were feasible for all militaries.). You might now likewise get a new currency dubbed Supply as a Warspoils drop. You can use Supply to buy items from the in game keep such as bulletins, skins, or commanders.

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Changes to the Blog post Game Rewards Screen

You can tell precisely once you will acquire your following reward from the loot bar which is displayed in the player card. * Each game you play you will get 1500 points. 500 Bonus Points are awarded to the complement winners. * Once you have 6000 loot points you’ll get a loot drop that will certainly contain a random item from an army you very own, or an amount of Supply.


Changes to the In-game Store

You have the right to currently purchase Intel Bulletins, Success Strikes, and Decals from the in game keep utilizing Supply. Ssuggest go to the items tab and select the category you are interested in. There is a drop dvery own filter so you have the right to easily browse bulletins of the form you are interested in. You deserve to likewise use the search attribute to find what you are in search of.


Changes to Inventory

Players have the right to have only 1 form of any kind of item equipped in a single loadout currently. This is greatly in recommendation to Intel Bulletin stacking considering that players currently have actually quick and easy access to the whole bulletin set by means of the in game save.

Converting Your Duplicate items to Supply

You will certainly have actually the option to convert all your existing duplicates right into Supply from the Inventory Display. Sindicate pick Show Salvageable Items and then click the Salvage All switch. Optionally, you can also salvage your duplicates one by one by ideal clicking a duplicate and clicking "Salvage".


Supply Value for Salvaging Duplicates

All duplicates are salvaged at 500 Supply each. This was done bereason we desire to reward the time players invested into the game over how lucky they may have actually been. Indeed, while the variety of items you finished up getting is a straight function of time / just how a lot you have actually played, the nature of those items that dropped was really pucount random – and it will still mainly be this means after the update (we will just ensure you don’t acquire drops for factions you don’t own). Thus, how many type of leaders you may have actually gotten out of playing the game compared to an additional player, for circumstances, is really just the result of sheer luck. On the oppowebsite, the variety of items you finished up accumulating in its entirety compared to another player is the direct result of your distinction in commitment to playing the game on a continuous basis – which is what we want to reward you for.

Match Validation

A brand-new validation mechanism is in area to make sure that just players that play a fair game receive Loot Points after a enhance. This is – you won’t gain loot points if you go AFK or don"t considerably contribute to a game. A daily Loot Point Limit (24,000 Loot Points or 12 wins) has been used to modded games to help minimize War Spoils farming.

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Automatch/Leaderboard Level Up

If you rise your leaderboard level after an autocomplement game tbelow is currently a short article game acknowledgement to celebrate!


Map Select Screen

We’ve redone the Map choose display so that maps can be filtered and also displayed by game type and ordered alphabetically. This makes it much much easier to find the maps your trying to find.