Confession is Good for the Soul Meaning

Definition: Admitting your sins honestly is therapeutic and will make you feel much better.

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Origin of Confession is Good for the Soul

Many resources recognize this expression as an old Scottish proverb. The precise origin is hard to map. However before, digital documents seem to present that this idiom showed up around the mid-1800s.

Some world can assume it originates from the Scriptures. While the concept of confession is a critical one in Christianity, this idiom is not discovered in the Holy bible, in either this specific develop or similar wording.

The idea behind the idiom is that if you hide your sins, you will certainly feel more and also even more guilty. If you confess your sins, you have the right to discover peace.

Examples of Confession is Good for the Soul

Here is an instance of a teacher utilizing the expression in a math class.

Teacher: John, did I just watch you cheat on your test? It looked prefer you were copying Allison’s answers.

Student: No, I would certainly never before cwarm.

Teacher: Are you sure around that? Remember that confession is great for the soul. Also, if I see that your answers match Allison’s you’ll be in even bigger trouble if you lie to me.

Student: Okay, fine. I cheated. I’m sorry!

In this instance, 2 friends are pointing out a book that they check out for their book club.

Monica: Apparently, this book is autobiographical. I can’t believe exactly how hoswarm the author is. He appears to hide nopoint, even as soon as it makes him look selfish.

Janice: I agree. He must not treatment a lot around his reputation. Or probably he simply believes really strongly in the idea of confession is good for the spirit.

More Examples

This excerpt is a quote from a recap of a scientific research fiction TV show.

The second excerpt is from a recap of a various show.

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The phrase confession is excellent for the spirit is a proverb that advises world to come clean about anypoint that they are guilty of in order to feel much better about themselves.


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