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Holden suffers internal problem from survivor"s guilt over his brother Allie"s fatality. He misses him considerably and is grieved he could not defend him, and also this dispute manifests in his actions:

I damaged all the windows in the garage. ... I slept in the garage the night he passed away,...

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Holden suffers internal problem from survivor"s guilt over his brother Allie"s death. He misses him significantly and also is grieved he can not protect him, and this dispute manifests in his actions:

I broke all the windows in the garage. ... I slept in the garage the night he died, and I broke all the goddam windows via my fist, just for the hell of it. I also tried to break all the home windows on the terminal wagon we had that summer, however my hand was currently damaged and every little thing by that time ...

This was the just way the thirteen-year-old Holden could deal with the conflicting feelings he competent of anger, grief, and guilt. Holden"s internal dispute over Allie proceeds to reason him to act out in various other ways. For example, he flunks out of or is expelled from a series of bordering institutions.

He also has actually inner problem over his future. While his father desires him to attfinish an Ivy Organization college, Holden desires instead of being the "catcher in the rye," conserving all the bit children playing that are in risk of going over a cliff: he desires to save them bereason he couldn"t save Allie.

Externally, Holden gets right into a dispute over Sunny, a prostitute he hires. When he realizes exactly how young she is, he first experiences inner conflict: he feels propelled to safeguard human being that are young and fragile, not manipulate them. Because of this, he only talks to her. When he offers her 5 dollars, she insists the price is ten. He will not pay that, and also the next thing he knows he has actually a visit from Maurice, who erected the tryst, and also Sunny, who firmly insist on another five dollars. Holden resists Maurice, which leads to external conflict:

"You"re a dirty moron," I shelp. "You"re a stupid chiseling moron, and also in about two years you"ll be among those scraggy guys that come as much as you on the street and also ask for a dime for coffee. You"ll have actually snot almost everywhere your dirty filthy overcoat, and you"ll be—"

Then he smacked me. I didn"t even try to get out of the means or duck or anypoint. All I felt was this fantastic punch in my stomach.

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Holden loses the 5 dollars; Sunny and Maurice take it from him and, lying on the floor, he watches them walk away and also cshed the door.