California has actually lengthy been one of the the majority of renowned states to live in, but many kind of California residents think about a move up the coast to Washington state. Although The golden state has a favorable climate, weather, redevelopment, and also jobs, the state’s taxes, real estate costs, and expense of living are pretty steep. For this factor, Washington state is often very desired for its lower taxes, broadening job sector, and also even more affordable real estate costs. However, how carry out these two claims particularly compare once it comes to cost of living?

The expense of living index in Washington is 118.7, definition it is practically 19% more expensive to live in Washington than the national average (100). California, on the other hand also, has a price of living index of 149.9, so it is fairly a bit even more expensive than both Washington and the national average. Washington’s median home price is $504,200, which is about 73% greater than the nationwide average of $291,700. At the same time, the median residence price in The golden state is $684,800 – about 36% even more than Washington.

Aside from median housing prices, let’s take a look at exactly how the price of living compares in Washington vs. The golden state.

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Houtilizing Market in Washington vs. CaliforniaTaxes in Washington vs. California

Homaking use of Market in Washington vs. California

With a median house price of approximately $504,000, it is even more affordable to purchase a house in Washington state than California. In The golden state, the median house price is almost 700,000. However before, buying a residence in both states will certainly expense you well above the nationwide average.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic allowing even more civilization to work-related from residence, Washington citizens began to relocate amethod from the metro locations. This is still the case in 2021, through many kind of human being packing up and buying homes outside of Seattle because of their desire for more affordcapability. In Washington state, it is presently a seller’s market and also most are purchasing houses in rural communities such as Gold Bar, Snohomish, Sultan, and also Carcountry.

However before, real estate prices are climbing in these rural areas – Snohomish witnessed an increase of 10% while Carnation experienced a boost of 15% in median home prices. Although prices are still rising in small cities, you still obtain even more bang for your buck than buying in Seattle and other metro locations in Washington state. Some people are also leaving Washington, but others are arriving below from areas favor Los Angeles for jobs in Seattle.

In May of 2021, the median house price in The golden state hit an all-time high. The golden state proceeds to be in an affordable real estate crisis and, like Washington state, many kind of are leaving metro locations looking for cheaper dwellings in rural areas throughout the state.

Home Prices in Washington vs. The golden state Comparison

Mean house prices differ depending upon the individual city and also county that you live in, and this is the instance for both Washington and The golden state. The table listed below highlights some of the major cities across both Washington and The golden state, in addition to their applicable median house prices:

City Typical Home Price
Los Angeles, CA$883,400
San Francisco, CA$1,471,200
San Diego, CA$812,100
Seattle, WA$851,400
Tacoma, WA$432,400
Spokane, WA$335,100

Overall, even more affordable housing deserve to be taken into consideration a major benefit of living in Washington state over The golden state. Of course, houses are more expensive in Seattle, but if you select to move to cities favor Auburn, Richland, or Olympia the median house cost is actually much less than the nationwide average. The median residence price in Seattle is $851,400, which is relatively on par through the median house price in Los Angeles – at $883,400.

While residence prices in Washington state might be greater than many kind of other states in the UNITED STATE, they are in between 35 and 40 percent cheaper than The golden state.

Rent Prices in Washington vs. California

Between 2019 and 2020, average rent enhanced in 39 claims across the UNITED STATE, and Washington state was one of them. In reality, Washington comes in eighth on the list of the states with the greatest average rental prices in the nation. The state’s average rent is about $1,258, however the rent you will pay depends on particularly where you clear up in Washington.

With that sassist, refer to the following table for the average rent in some of the significant cities across Washington state:

City Median Rent
Seattle, WA$2,169
Bellevue, WA$2,481
Spokane, WA$1,276
Tacoma, WA$1,539
Olympia, WA$1,463
Yakima, WA$828

Like Washington state, rental prices in California depend on the particular city you live in. Though, California comes in second on the list of the says via the highest rental prices in the nation, behind Hawaii. It’s also vital to note that some cities in The golden state – San Francisco consisted of – have actually some of the greatest reported leas in the country.

The following table outlines a more thorough look at the average rental prices in some of the major cities across California:

City Median Rent
Los Angeles, CA$2,518
San Francisco, CA$3,102
San Diego, CA$2,433
Long Beach, CA$2,333
Santa Clarita, CA$2,306
San Bernardino, CA$1,575

Taxes in Washington vs. California

Tright here are some significant distinctions in between the taxes in Washington versus the taxes in The golden state, outlined in information listed below.

State Income Tax

Taxpayers in Washington reap among the a lot of tax-friendly cases, as there are no income taxes in the state. Whether you’re a teacher, doctor, or actual estate agent, you don’t have to pay an earnings taxes on your earnings in Washington state. Although the idea to authorize an revenue tax in Washington has actually been floated around and also presented on the ballot, namong the proposed procedures has passed.

California, on the other hand, has actually a progressive revenue taxes. This means that the revenue tax you pay is based on just how much you earn – reduced earners pay lower taxes and greater earners pay better taxes. The state has actually ten revenue brackets in total, starting at 1% and also going all the means up to 13.3%. This top marginal price in California is the highest possible in the country.

Sales Tax

While tbelow is no state income tax in Washington state, tbelow are high sales taxes. The base taxes price in Washington is 6.5%, however via the added city and county sales taxes prices are generally at leastern 8%. In some instances, the sales tax is better than 10%.

The sales tax in The golden state functions similarly to The golden state, except for the truth that they have actually the highest possible base sales taxes in the country, at 7.25%. Only a quarter of the cities in The golden state have actually this sales tax rate, as the extra city and also county sales taxes add to greater overall taxation rates. For instance, Los Angeles County’s sales taxes is 9.5% however Culver City alone has actually a sales taxation price of 10.25%.

Property Tax

Washington’s effective residential or commercial property taxation rates – meaning residential property taxes as a portion of full home value – frequently sit approximately 1%. At the county level, effective rates range from as low as 0.61% in San Juan County to as high as 1.19% in Pierce County. Because home values in Washington are high, this equites to a statewide effective property taxes rate of just 0.93%.

California, on the other hand also, has actually a maximum allowable home taxation price of 1% of the home’s assessed worth. The state’s average efficient price is simply 0.73%, which is rather a bit lower than the nationwide average of 1. 07%.

Taxes in Washington vs. California Comparison

StateIncome TaxSales TaxProperty Tax
WashingtonNone7.00% – 10.50%0.93% (average effective rate)
California1% – 13.3%7.25% – 10.50%0.73% (average effective rate)

Transportation Costs in Washington vs. California

Whether you select to live in Washington state or California, transportation expenses are one more essential aspect to think about when calculating price of living. Transportation costs incorporate prices such as bus fares, transit passes, gas prices, auto purchase prices, and also additional public transportation expenses. Washington state’s transportation prices are around 14% better than the national average.

However before, with California’s transportation price index of 133.1 and also Washington’s index of 113.6, these expenses are more affordable in Washington than California.

Cost FactorWashingtonCalifornia
Gallon of gas$3.00$3.48
Monthly public transit pass$66.05$67.11
Taxi expedition in downtown (approx. 5 miles)$18.56$17.42
New Volkswagen Golf$23,700$23,327

Income & Economy in Washington vs. California

The median family members earnings in Washington state is $66,174, which is roughly 15% better than the nationwide median earnings of $57,652. When compare to California, but, California citizens earn just about 1.5% even more than Washington residents – with a California’s median household revenue of 67,169.

However, the 2 claims have very different unemployment rates. California’s joblessness rate of 8.2% is quite a little higher than Washington’s joblessness rate of 6.1%. Additionally, Washington’s joblessness price is only about 0.1% greater than the nationwide average of 6.0%.

Entertainment & Miscellaneous Costs in Washington vs. California

Cost FactorMean Price in WashingtonMedian Price in California
Monthly neighborhood gym membership$43.22$47.20
Movie ticket$12.43$12.93
Pack of cigarettes$9.51$9.22
Domestic beer (1 pint)$4.74$5.83
Cappuccino (mid-selection area)$4.49$4.39
Pair of running shoes$76.22$77.14
Quick food combo meal$8.41$8.29

Washington vs. California: Which is More Expensive?

When you think about price of living index, both Washington and also California are more expensive than the national average. However, once you compare these two claims together, it is about 26% more expensive to live in California than Washington state. The cost savings in Washington is mainly added to even more affordable real estate, healthtreatment, utilities, and transportation costs.

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Aobtain, this counts on wright here you live in each state. For example, the cost of living in Seattle is virtually 50% greater than the nationwide average and the price of living in Los Angeles is over 70% greater. However before, if you pick to live in more rural areas in either state, you’ll enjoy a more affordable price of living.