Rewatch, Before/After Photos: Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care Shampoo, Leave-In Hair Conditioner, Moisturizing Cream & Frizz Control Serum

23 Mar Recheck out, Before/After Photos: Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care Shampoo, Leave-In Hair Conditioner, Moisturizing Cream & Frizz Control Serum

*‘s resident ‘Curl Gurl’ is back! I newly got a box at work and opened it to discover the brand-new line of hair care commodities from Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care line for evaluation (easily accessible at, $8.99 each). The line comes in incredibly resilient, plastic bottles through exceptionally cute, pink packaging — and MAN perform they smell delish (coconut meets minty gum!).

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Clearly on, my curls have a mind of their very own and also I let them run wild. They’ve viewed their share of gel, however never before curl creams till now. I would absolutely buy these assets aacquire, as they promise 12-hour curl host. With Each Other through all the running around I perform at the office and my crazy, hectic schedule, my curls hosted up great! Still bouncy and shiny. Make sure to inspect out my photos below after utilizing all of these amazing products!

So, I gave these commodities a try this week and my curls continued to be intact even in New York’s initially of many type of humid days yesterday. Here’s the listing of the complete line:

Rehydrating Shampoo – (with vitamins A, E & panthenol to rehydrate curls as it gently cleanses) This shampoo isn’t also sudsy, but still offers a great lather — which I require (can’t do lather-totally free, I need it!). The cool minty-ness of these products truly feel impressive, as if every pore in my hair was filled via peppermint ice cubes – love it! So refreshing!

Nourishing Conditioner – (via coconut, jojoba & vitamin E to moisturize problem and sfrequently every curl) Softened my curls and also hydrated them – made detangling a breeze (I have the right to shed a comb in tright here EASILY!)

Boosting & Defining Leave-in Conditioner – (with jojoba & proteins to strengthen & moisturize as it rises curl.) This you use on wet hair, ideal after shampoo and conditioning. Aobtain, exceptionally minty and cooling. A plus in my book!

Soft Hold Creme – (through aloe to soften and enhance elasticity as it keeps curls in place) Applied prior to the weightless crème, as a post conditioner. My hair felt oh-so soft.

Weightmuch less Moisturizing Creme – (through coconut & vitamin E to nourish and also soften) This is in my book the “gel”, yet in crème form. I applied liberally to eextremely strand and I can simply watch the curls forming — all bouncy and soft — even through my hair still wet!

Frizz Control Serum – (enriched via vitamins to fight hard humidity and also frizz) You guys remember my How To Make Curly Hair Wavy and Straight: Before And After Photos post, wright here I reviewed John Freida Frizz Ease and also took my hair from curly to straight? Well, for some factor this simply didn’t work the exact same for me. If anypoint, it just made my hair look very shiny. Again, smells exceptional – all 6 assets carry out.


Before Treatment


After Treatment

All in all, these hair commodities are great for my curly-haired friends out there. We understand just how difficult it is trying to uncover the appropriate assets to provide weightless moisture and also bounciness to our curls, so why not give Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care line a try. All you acquired to lose is frizz!

– Evelyn Lugo

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