Dan and also Phil present their new phase display - Interenergetic Introverts. Two internet dwelling, insecure nerds standing under the spotlight to provide the people what they want: an epic interenergetic suffer of rants, roasts, battles, stories ..and surprises that will certainly make you laugh, cry, cringe and puts the audience in regulate unlike anything before!

Under 14s have to be accompanied by a perkid aged 18 or over. Bag checks will certainly be in procedure at all venues; to save time stop bringing unimportant baggage or items. Please arrive promptly to assist us start the show on time!

There will certainly be a 20 minute interval throughout the show. Photography and video recording is prohibited, all digital devices should be turned off throughout the display.

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Merchandise - for every venue tbelow will certainly be a save providing amazing, exclusive tour merchandise available with a range of products to celebprice and remember the show! Merch save area and opening and cshedding times will differ for each venue.


In an effort to combat touting/scalping which unreasonably raises ticket prices, no even more than 8 tickets deserve to be purchased in any type of one transactivity. Names of the lead ticketholder or purchaser will be additionally be published on the tickets in the transaction so please make certain that you bring ID that coincides to the this name when you pertained to the present on the night.

Tbelow shall be names on tickets for this event, and spot checks shall take place at the venue on the date of the event.

VIP Ticket Info:

Each display has a restricted alplace of VIP tickets. A VIP ticket provides you one the ideal seats for the present, accessibility to a meet-up via Dan and Phil and also exclusive gifts.

VIPs must please arrive 3.5 hours before the listed start of the present. You will be wristbanded by a member of the production team and also presented to the meet-up location. All VIPs will fulfill Dan and Phil and have the possibility to have one item signed and also to take a selfie. Please be conscious that tbelow will certainly not be a skilled photographer on site, so if you would certainly choose a photo, please carry your own video camera or phone - additionally make sure it’s charged and via sufficient storage! After you have actually met Dan and Phil you will certainly be given a gift bag consisting of exclusive VIP tour merchandise, then your wristband also will be removed and also retained by the production team. VIP meet-up locations will certainly differ from venue to venue, but wbelow feasible a large sufficient room will be provided in which after meeting Dan and also Phil, VIPs have the right to hang out via other, authorize the guest book and listen to a one-of-a-kind playlist curated by Dan and Phil. VIPs likewise obtain the best seats in the venue to watch the display – normally the front few rows closest to the stage.

*Please carry out not carry any presents for Dan or Phil because unfortunately they will certainly not have the ability to transport them house while on tour. Small letters and art are fine. Tbelow will certainly be many kind of ways to get involved in the display however! Do note: you have the right to just obtain accessibility to the meet-up via a VIP ticket.

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Please note that there may be added actions in area to encertain the security of staff and also guests in relation to COVID-19 which might vary according to health and security and government advice at the time of the Event (and also your breach of any type of of these might lead to you being refprovided Entry and/or ejected from the Event).