OPINION:I don"t drink*, but if I didthe grand also finale of Dancing With The Starswould certainly call for abucket of strong liquor to obtain with.

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We"ve been watching this show for weeks. There have been highs, lows, real low lows, and also times as soon as we didn"t know if we were high or low, or both at the same time. Now we"re down to the 4 steed persons of the dance-omuzic-ivan.infolypse- the favourite,ShavRuakere;the challenger,Sam Hayes;the outsider,Jess Quinn, and the dark horse, Chris Harris.

I can not speak to it- anyone one might take it out thanks to your votes, NewZealand also. That"swhat renders it so nail biting**. There"s only one means to survive the madness: drink so a lot youspfinish the majority of the show intheloo (maybe with the door open so you deserve to still hear the results).

Dancing With The Stars is practically over...
Dancing With The Stars is virtually over...

So I"m busting out a sixer of kombucha and pitcher of muzic-ivan.infold green tea and gettingstuck in. If you desire to play alengthy, here"s my sober-quaffing criteria:

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Dai Henlumber and also Sharyn Casey show off their very own fly moves.
Dai Henlumber and Sharyn Casey display off their very own fly moves.

Dai Henwood"shair is even more than 3 inches high/spray tanlooks prefer he used cacao mouse as structure - Neck 2 fingers of muzic-ivan.infold green tea, no honey. Spfinish twenty secs imagininga waterloss.

Henlumber doesn"t do an awkward dance relocate, shimmy, gyration or high kick - Rewind the present to be sure. Drink a cup and a half of chilled green tea, honey optional.

Henwooddoescarry out an awkwarddancemove, shimmy, gyration or high kick- Free pass.I don"t desire anyone to drvery own to fatality throughout this game.

Henwood"sshirt is unbuttoned to the navel/entirely mesh/non-existent- Take an un-opened up bottle of Lion Red to the earlier doorand throw it into the garden. Nail the backdoor shut.

Hentimber claims somepoint weird about the First Baby - Neck 2 bottle ofkombucha straight without pausing for breath. Call the muzic-ivan.info newsdesk instantly.


Shav gets some air.
Shav gets some air.

ShavaughnRuakere spends most of the danceairborne - Drink muzic-ivan.infold green tea the entire time she"s off the ground, do not sheight until both feet are back on the ground. Don"t even take a breath. Keep drinking. Seriously, why are you stopping? It"s not that lengthy you substantial cry baby, muzic-ivan.infome on.

Enrique Johns winks at electronic camera - Drink 2 fifths of a bottle of sweetkombuchawhilegargling "is that really appropriatebehaviouron primetime TV?" andbatucadaingabout the telly room.

Shav wins - Drink all the green tea. Make your very own dance muzic-ivan.infostume out of the provided tea bags.


Chris Harris took out relocate of the week through the flying kick and tumble in his trio dance.
Chris Harris took out relocate of the week through the flying kick and tumble in his trio dance.

Chris Harris is wearing full Gene Simmons from Kiss regalia -Mix a gallon jug of green tea and honey, drink it while gargling I Was Made For Loving You.

Chris Harris simply has actually a little of eyeliner and also some chiffon on - take one sip of green tea, have a muzic-ivan.infonversation with someone around sex functions on fact TV.

Chris wins - Drink all the kombucha. Use the bottles as wickets in a game of street cricket.


Jess Quinn is in to win...and I can't believe it's been 19 episodes and also that's the first time I've made that disastrous rhyme.
Jess Quinn is in to win...and also I can't think it's been 19 episodes and also that's the first time I've made that disastrous rhyme.

Jess Quinn dedicates her dance to David Seymour/Suzy Cato/apuppy - Takes 2 sips of dry kombucha. Use a plastic straw.

JulzTocker manperiods to offer Quinn feedago without swenabling his very own tongue - Drink two bottles of kombucha liberally sprinkled via chilli flakes.

Jess wins - Drink all the kombucha and allthe green tea. Spfinish the next hour in the toilet reasoning about your life choices to date.


Get the tissues out.

Sam Hayescries a tiny little during the training montage - One entirety bottle of kombucha. Get up and do a twirl through your eyes closed.

Sam Hayes cries a small little bit throughout the judges results - One whole bottle of kombucha. Pogo on the spotfor the entire ad break.

SamHayes wins - Free Pass. Is it really safe to drink this much probiotic liquid? What is this really doing to my insides? What the hell also is a probiotic anyway?


The judges taking their work extremely, exceptionally seriously.

Camilla states somepoint entirely unreasonable and also poorly thought out -Don"t drink anypoint.Call the muzic-ivan.infonewsdeskinstantly.

Tockermuzic-ivan.infompletely agrees with Rachel White and allows her have actually her say without shouting her dvery own - Don"t drink anypoint. Call the police immediately.


Surprise! David Seymour is the winner!

David Seymour turns up, it was all a disastrous mistake and also he is actually the winner of the totality display,perhaps all future mirrors, and also probably a genuine seat in the next election - Pour what"s left of the kombucha and green tea over your head while analysis aloud from Atlas Shrugged or singing Blur"s Track 2. Turn off your TV.

Got some criteria of your own? Let us understand in the muzic-ivan.infomments.

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*I know, Iknow.

** I do not bite my nails either. I am the queen of all wowsers.


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