Dark Night of the Soul – PDF Songbook $15. This is the companion songbook for the album. This 107 web page songbook has the sheet music for eincredibly song on the album you check out detailed on this page. When purchased, you will certainly be emailed a link where you can downpack the songbook. You will certainly likewise obtain this connect on the say thanks to you web page after you have actually inserted your order.

Dark Night of the Soul – Printed Songbook $25. This is the companion songbook for the album. This 107 web page songbook includes the sheet music for every song on the album. The songbook has a spiral bound spine, enabling the book to lay level and renders web page turning easy! This item ships within 24-48 hrs of purchase. All shipping is complimentary almost everywhere in the US! Shipping charges just apply to global orders.

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Mainly Piano

Dark Night of the Soul is the companion sheet music book to Philip Wesley’s best-marketing CD by the same name. The recording was called as one of the “50 Greatest New Period Albums of All Time” by Reviews New Period in Spain, got to #1 on Amazon and also iTunes in the New Age category, and made it to #12 on the Billboard charts. The music is an allegory for a journey through darkness and coming right into the light and also a new day. Obviously exceptionally emotional in nature, the sheet music book is a lot of fun to play, a great car for letting off steam, and is a great teaching tool for getting piano students to play via expression. Some of the pieces are rather lengthy (view below), however none of them are incredibly tough. Most of the timing is straight-forward and none of the vital signatures are facility. Pianists at an upper-intermediate and early-advanced playing level have to have the ability to master these pieces without a lot difficulty. More advanced pianists need to have the ability to simply sit dvery own and also play a lot of of these pieces, making for a really enjoyable hour or so of playing pleacertain.

The front and ago covers are full shade reproductions of the CD cover artoccupational. The notation is clear, clean and straightforward to review and the music is printed on a medium-weight paper stock that have to last via many kind of years of play. The book is spiral-bound – constantly a big plus for continuing to be open on the piano and also making the book more durable. Pedaling suggestions, metronome settings, expression and also dynamics are all contained. There is additionally a short biography, discography, and photo of Philip on the last web page. All twelve piano solos from the recording are had. Philip Wesley’s sheet music publications and also individual song downloads are presently accessible solely from I thoabout took pleasure in playing via this book and also very recommfinish it.

The song titles, the keys they are in, and the number of pages are:

Tears of the East – Key of A minor (0 sharps or flats) – 8 pagesRacing Against the Suncollection – Key of B minor (2 sharps)/ C minor (3 flats) – 9 pagesThe Approaching Night – Key of E minor (1 sharp) – 7 pagesDarkness Falls – Key of D minor (1 flat) – 9 pagesDark Night of the Soul – Key of E minor (1 sharp) – 9 pagesSoul’s Lament – Key of F minor (4 flats) – 12 pagesFar and also Ameans – Key of G minor (2 flats) – 15 pagesLamentations of the Heart – Key of E minor (1 sharp) – 7 pagesLight and Shadow – Key of Abdominal muscle major / F minor (4 flats) – 7 pagesInto the Light – Key of E (4 sharps) – 10 pagesNew Day – Key of A (3 sharps) – 7 pagesTwo Souls – Key of C (0 sharps or flats) – 5 pages