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Some speak to it mind power, others call it intellect. A few simply resort to saying “brains over brawn”.

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But in the finish we all agree on making use of one common word for it…


In the people of Dark Souls, magic comes in many type of develops.

The pious use miracles, the scholars usage sorceries, the depraved casters use hexes, and the pyromancers use… well, pyromancies!

Today we’ll be focusing more on sorceries and also hexes. Or to be even more precise, the tools that you require to cast said spells.

Staves in basic are a weird bunch, because some of them are exclusive to one spell-school, while others can actors multiple.

Take this tierlist with a grain of salt, because you can value properties different from me!

Anymeans, let’s gain to slinging spells and ranking staves so you as well deserve to be the arch-magus you’ve constantly wanted to be!

14. Bat Staff


As is legacy, I’m not going to spend a lot of time dwelling on the “garbage” part of our list.

Instead I’ll leave you with a couple of words on why you need to avoid using the majority of of these trash-sticks.

Kicking things off we’ve obtained the Bat Staff.

This provided to be paired in addition to the Dark Fog hex, to instantly inflict poison on your opponents, but it was patched after a while.

You deserve to now just inflict poiboy with melee strikes, so this negative staff is basically usemuch less.

How to get: Dropped by Hollow Meras in Brightrock Cove Tseldora.

13. Azal’s Staff


Perhaps among the more distinctive staves, but not in a great means.

Azal’s staff is the single most powerful staff in the game, yet it comes through huge downsides.

It has actually extremely low durability, it cuts dvery own your complete spellcasts by around half, and also it’s the slowest staff in the game.

Basically whatever various other than damages sucks – making it a “high threat, terrible reward” type of deal.

Avoid making use of it, unmuch less you’re trying to execute some 1-hit glass cannon shenanigans.

How to get: Frozen Eleum Loyce, discovered on a corpse on a damaged bridge.

12. Bone Staff


Anvarious other mediocre hex staff.

It’s an okay substitute for the Suncollection Staff, until you deserve to upgrade it to +5.

Tbelow shouldn’t be any kind of factor (other than looks) to usage this once you have actually eincredibly various other staff in your disposal.

How to get: In a chest behind a wall near the Cell bonfire in Lost Bastille.

11. Transgressor’s Staff


As with the previous staff, this one should be offered until you acquire your hands on something better.

The one point going for it is its extremely high durability, so give it a believed if you’re running right into those sorts of difficulties.

How to get: Sold by Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle.

10. Retainer Staff


A staff that has actually no scaling at all?

What an oddity!

Though it might be useless to any real wizard, the Retainer Staff deserve to be a handy tool for melee-oriented builds that wish to gain their hands on some magic, while investing the minimum amount of points compelled (18 Intelligence).

Think of it as what a raw infprovided weapon is for casters that don’t desire to invest greatly right into strength/dexterity, while additionally wanting to have actually a physical sidearm.

How to get: Frozen Eleuym Loyce, uncovered on a corpse prior to the area via a fountain. Also dropped by Retainers.

9. Olenford’s Staff


Melfia must not have actually had extremely excellent sorcerers if Olenford was revered as their best.

This staff could not look so bad.

But it’s ssuggest outclassed by many others, while asking a whopping 40 Intelligence to equip it!

You also need twinkling titanite to upgrade it, a resource that is rather rare at the moment you find it in your playvia.

How to get: Undead crypt, behind the Pharros lock in the room with the hollows that ring the bells.

8. Sorcerer’s Staff


The good ol’ starter staff.

Don’t dismiss out on it simply bereason it’s a humble beginning weapon!

The Sorcerer’s staff is the second fastest in the game, while additionally doing pretty great as a whole damages.

It’s strong sufficient to store till you deserve to obtain your hands on one of the even more specialized staves, relying on what course you decide to go dvery own (hexes or sorceries, or both).

Due to its speed, it deserve to likewise be provided to use buffs choose Magic Weapon, without having to invest 6 added points in intelligence.

How to get: Starting weapon of the Sorcerer, offered by Carhillion of the Fold, in a chest behind an illusory wall in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

7. Lizard Staff


It’s literally a lizard on a stick. What more deserve to I say?

This staff drops only from Necromancers, who are the males covert in the alcoves during the Executioner’s Chariot bossfight.

That implies for the best way to farm this, you’re gonna have to pass the fog gate, kill all the dudes, and also either quit the game or usage a homeward bone to teleport out if you don’t desire to waste all your Bonfire Ascetics.

A decent alternative if you wish to emphasis on sorceries, that’s if you regulate to gain your hands one before you die of old age.

How to get: Dropped by Necromancers.

6. Archdrake Staff


The Archdrake Staff is a directly upgrade over the Sorcerer’s staff, if you still take place to be sporting that one.

A +10 Archdrake Staff has actually an A scaling for both sorceries and hexes, making it a nice bridge in between the beginner and endgame staves.

A nice, boring staff.

How to get: Sold by Felkin the Outcast.

5. Staff of Amana


Here’s the initially staff of our list that I’d classify as a powerhouse.

The Staff of Amana is a good choice if you are mainly using sorceries because of its perfect S scaling.

It likewise possesses a one-of-a-kind impact of boosting the damages of your spells while you’re in your human develop.

The one drawago is the staff’s reasonably sluggish rate, oftentimes making it unwieldy and also unsuitable versus some opponents.

How to get: Dropped by Amana Shrine Maidens.

4. Babsence Witch’s Staff


Up next below, we’ve gained my favorite staff.

If “Utility” was the name of the game, then the Black Witch’s staff would be the king.

This item of wood have the right to be offered to cast sorceries, hexes, and miracles, taking the crvery own for the most versatile staff in the game.

You have the right to likewise just usage it pudepend for hexes to skip the annoying component of staff/chime juggling for specific spells.

Lastly, due to its multiple damage forms, you can sometimes simply whack adversaries to death.

Of course the tradeoff is its inferior scaling compared to the peak staves.

How to get: Dropped by Leydia Witches, the Peculiar Kindalur invader, and a Mimic in Aldia’s Keep.

3. Staff of Wisdom


The staves at #3 and #2 of this list are interchangeable, really.

So it all comes dvery own to if you like sorceries or hexes.

With that said, the Staff of Wisdom is the best staff in the game for sorceries.

The length of the staff can cause you to periodically miss out on once firing at opponents from up-cshed, yet you can additionally usage that to your advantage to fire your spells over barriers and objects.

This staff also boosts the length of a Soul Greatsword sorcery, often bring about it to hit enemies that are behind you.

Don’t forgain to infuse it via magic to further amplify its properties.

How to get: Dropped by a Mimic in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, inside an abandoned home.

2. Suncollection Staff


The dark equivalent to the Staff of Wisdom, this one is best-in-slot for all your hexxing requirements.

I’ve only ranked this over the SoW bereason this one can also cast sorceries, and you might find that helpful in some scenarios.

Infusing it with dark is constantly an excellent idea if you desire to increase your damage.

And if you’re finding the staff a little too slow, try wearing a Clear Bluestone Ring.

How to get: Talk to Felkin the Outcast via 20+ knowledge and also confidence. Dropped by a Mimic external Aldia’s Keep.

1. Witchtree Branch


Dark Souls is not a game that will go simple on you.

Enemies won’t simply stand also tbelow waiting for you to kill them.

For that reason, I’ve put the Witchtree Branch at the very height of this list, considering that it’s the staff with the fastest casting rate in the game.

While it doesn’t carry out the absolute max amount of damage, it’s still extremely effective at what it does, while doing it fast.

Even in PvP you can chain spells and execute miscellaneous combos to devastate your enemies.

So go ahead, heed my words.

Pick up the Witchtree Branch and ruin anything and anyone, while sinisterly mumbling to yourself “I am speed”.

You won’t regret it.

How to get: Found in a chest inside the pit in Majula. Requires the Forgotten Key, dropped by the Giants in Babsence Gulch.

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