I'm not a complete noob (multiple ds1 play throughs and also completed ds3 as soon as, didn't like 2), yet tbelow is a whole level of Dark Souls that I simply don't understand also, basically if dark souls abilities were a ladder, I'm one rung above casul. I don't have friends that play, so I don't have a mentor.

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Regardless , deserve to someone explain "luck", considering that it's a new stat. The game claims it helps item exploration , however it sounds prefer there is even more to it. Pros and also cons?

Thanks in development.


Luck also determines exactly how quick bleed and also poichild proc. As well as Anri's right sword has a hidden scaling with luck. Also for each max hollow weapon on your perchild you get +5 included to your luck as soon as you are at 99 hollowing. It's a strange stat for certain that doesn't obtain a whole lot of explanation to start through.

For each point of luck you get:

+1 Item Discovery

A bonus to Bleed and Poiboy Buildup on enemies (Mobs, Bosses, and other players)

Anri's Straight Sword has actually Damage Scaling with Luck

A Hollow Infprovided Weapon will likewise range with Luck, and give you extra luck based upon your Hollowing Stat (+5 Luck at 99 Hollowing)

It's certainly an interesting stat that isn't described incredibly well.

Luck :

Increases the physical damages of Hollow-infprovided tools and Anri's Straight Sword

Increases the damage of sorceries actors via the man-grub staff

Increases resistance to Curse

Adds +1 item discovery per point

Increases bleed and poiboy accumulation on weapons.

Everyone has currently answered, yet I would certainly favor to say one point about the bleed/poichild buildup: It's exceptionally minimal. Carhence Rouge and also Poison Resin market a much better bonus to bleed/poikid than, for example, 40 Luck, which is the suggest wbelow Luck stops providing its maximum bonoffers per level.

It determines poiboy and also bleed develop up, is the stat hollow tools scale via, and controls item exploration. It is theorized to also have an impact on estus recoexceptionally from particular opponents though I still should test this.

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I don't have data or stats, but I will say that I noticed a definite rise in the frequency of estus recoincredibly triggers when I was experimenting through leveling luck just on a thief starting character. I can say through 90% confidence that it does effect this, however boosting item discovery (gold serpent ring, sages Rapier, coins) doesn't seem to increase the frequency of estus recoextremely.