I'm playing the game for the initially time, and I'm on the bridge through the dragon. I've accidentally eliminated the merchant so I don't have any kind of means to buy arrows, and also I don't want to grind to lvl 20 aobtain, so is tbelow some other way I have the right to acquire previous it, or kill it?


At this suggest, killing it would be nearly possible bereason he heals at a certain HP.

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Hide behind the walls (the locations that extfinish, one has actually the stairinstance that leads to the bonfire) and WAIT. After about 15 secs he will certainly fly dvery own and also land. Use his time to attempt to run previous him.

This commonly works, yet periodically he will certainly fly up and also execute a one-shot KO flame.

This is the correct answer. Lure him down by sindicate waiting, then run right via to the bonfire.

Take off all your equipment and run. Time it wbelow he's simply done a fire and you'll make it to the door beneath him. When you've made it tright here, light the bonfire and also open up the caged door, he'll fly amethod, then you can gain the loots.

Incidentally. In the mid-area, you deserve to take the stairs down, and then walk along the underside of the bridge to a room through some rats wright here you have the right to likewise get previous him. (takes much longer to find a bonfire though)

If you stand also in the corner against the wall at the stairs on the height of the bridge, he'll come down. Time it appropriate and you deserve to obtain previous him

You can grab a couple of throwing knives in undead burg that can help. Run to the left side of the bridge and hide behind the wall dealing with the dragon. Move ago away from the wall and also you can discover a spot to throw some knives.

You will certainly have to execute it without locking on and it can take a few tries to actually hit the dragon. If you hit the dragon it will certainly then jump down onto the bridge and also you have the right to just run right by it and light the bonfire.

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Also if you dont bind utilizing bugs tright here are one-of-a-kind areas on the bridge where the straight dvery own fire strike after landing cant hurt you.

upon entering the bridge run few procedures forward, and then conveniently run backwards, and immediately turn to the side upon exiting from the arch, you'll hear a flapping wing sound and also then drake will breathe the fire upon landing to the opposite finish of the bridge

as soon as fire surge finished, run forward, and lean left, and easily descend a stairinstance (you should be below 25% devices pack, i.e. can rapid roll) tright here gonna be a second fire surge, and the drake eliminate three other hollow soldiers

you'll watch a 2 doormeans, among them bring about a bonfire, kick ladder yet don't rest, cuz you may respawn hollows as obstacles, then go upwards to the height and also quickly run to the pocket, and continue to be here pay attention to the drake

if you continue to be more than 30 sec (however more than likely less) , the drake will aggro and also land also on the bridge, as shortly as you view him jumping - run forward, pass in between his legs and hit a bonfire, therefore making drake fly away (if you don't hit the bonfire and try to pull lever that opens up the gate, the drake would relentlessly breathe fire in the room you presently in, providing you no time to recoup and run and also will certainly certainly kill you)