Regardless of just how he’s marketed, Darth Vader is meant to be a frightening character. The trouble is, unless you’ve dug deeper into Star Wars lore than the average fan, you’ve probably never watched why Vader is such a heart-protecting against terror. Even once he’s Force choking Imperial peons or fighting his child, he’s holding somepoint earlier. Which is why I’m still trying to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing a truly demonic Vader cut down Rebel fighters in Rogue One.

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I suppose, did you watch that scene? Vader ignites his red lightsaber in a pitch babsence hallmeans, and calmly tears through almost everyone in the room. People die, and they die horribly. He also cuts a dude he levitates to the ceiling in half! I’ve watched that scene in theaters twice now, and both times I uncovered myself recoiling out of both awe and also horror, saying, “Oh shit!” over and over aobtain.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve been analysis the comics and watching Star Wars Rebels, you currently recognize that Vader isn’t so a lot a perkid as he is a weapon of mass destruction. Whole Rebel squadrons cannot take this male dvery own.

Cool guy walking away from multiple explosions.
Boss. Fledgling Jedi are no enhance for him, because obviously:

And playing as Vader in Star Wars: Battlefront really offers you the feeling of exactly how much of a beast he is on the field:

But there’s a marked difference between seeing his exploits in comic develop, in an animated series, or a game, and watching actual people confront a monster’s murderous wrath on the significant display screen. As a reminder: Vader choked a rebel to fatality through his very own gloved hands in A New Hope. It’s taken a lengthy time for him to be that explicitly brutal aget.

But Rogue One renders how much of a danger Vader presents not only devastating, however intimate. All you have to execute is put yourself in the shoes of among those doomed Rebel soldiers, and also you realize this take on Vader is a totality brand-new level of scary. It makes losing a hand seem like child’s play.

Darth Vader might still be a Teddy Bear to some civilization, but there’s no denying currently that he’s virtually made of evil. I desire to say that provides him so much cooler, however I virtually feel bad reasoning around it.

The silly means The Force Awakens virtually started

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