Sneak right into the camp is an objective in the Story Mission, Not Gonna Kill Anyone in Days Gone


Continue to the North, just to the left of the tiny fire brazier surrounding.Climb up onto the adjacent ledge there.Watch the nearby guards, waiting for them to away.From tright here, start on your route to the East, closely.Move gradually from one route of bushes to the next, watching the nearby guards closely.The closest ones will certainly inevitably take a seat on a bench.Sneak past behind them and save going to the East, remaining off the route.Just previous them, go right into the bushes nearby the route, wbelow you have the right to view another pair of guards talking.Sneak throughout the path here to the North and go right into the adjacent bushes.Sneak behind them, keeping in the bushes as you go to the North for currently.Get across the next path and also then start making your method to the East again from tright here.Keep relocating to the Northeast, going up the adjacent slope to stay out of sight and also in the bushes.Move to the East and then head slightly down the slope to take cover behind the nearby rock.Sneak closely roughly right here to the Eastern side.Move toward the surrounding building gradually after that.Sneak in between the structure and also dumpster to continue to be out of sight.Now, closely resume your course to the East.Move gradually and carefully via the bushes here to the East to reach the porch the of the medical building.Turn the edge and also go to the double doors.


DaysGoneHeadtotheLostLakeEncampmentNotGonnaKillAnyone.jpg|link=Days Gone: Head to the Lost Lake Encampment - Not Gonna Kill Anyone|Head to the Lost Lake EncampmentDaysGoneSneakintothecampNotGonnaKillAnyone.jpg|link=Days Gone: Sneak right into the camp - Not Gonna Kill Anyone|Sneak right into the campDaysGoneStealtheantibioticsNotGonnaKillAnyone.jpg|link=Days Gone: Steal the antibiotics - Not Gonna Kill Anyone|Steal the antibiotics

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