Tuesday’s news around Megyn Kelly’s exit from Fox News for a new daytime display on NBC had Days of Our Lives fans groaning. What will occur to the beloved soap?


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The daytime schedule is already filled via syndicated mirrors on most of NBC’s affiliates. The network evidenced the present will certainly run Monday with Friday, however the time has not been established yet. Something has to provide means. Will it be DOOL?

A Hollyhardwood Reporter write-up isn’t providing much reassurance to fans either. While the everyday entertainment profession paper declared that the 9 a.m. hour of Today was constantly a opportunity, “the 1 p.m. , as soon as the soap Days of Our Lives presently airs, is even more most likely.”

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To add insult to injury, the New York City market will certainly be changing DOOL to the 12 p.m. hour start Monday, Jan. 16. This alters the viewership habits of longtime fans who have actually end up being accustomed to the 1 p.m. time slot.

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DOOL was on the brink of cancellation last year till it obtained a one-seachild rejuvenation last February. Tbelow is a second-seachild choice that NBC have the right to utilize, yet will they currently that Kelly has actually been brought right into the fold? The show hasn’t been a ratings bonanza for NBC for years and also has actually been struggling against the three continuing to be soaps.

Kelly was the most questioned journalist from the 2016 presidential project. Her frequent sparring via President-elect Donald Trump created consistent headlines and a hotly disputed bidding war for Kelly, whose Fox News contract was up for regeneration.

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Soap viewers understand that their favorite reflects regularly acquire juggled approximately to make room for new daytime talk shows. This happened in 2012 when ABC shifted General Hospital for Katie Couric’s now-canceled series. Is there sufficient room on the schedule for NBC to execute something similar for DOOL?

While no premiere date has actually been announced for Kelly’s display, save your eyes peeled for an NBC announcement on DOOL’s fate. We are crossing our fingers for all of the occupants of Salem.