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Experience the increase in confidence that comes with having actually a beautiful, white smile.

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About Tooth Whitening

Everyone feels even more attrenergetic via a gleaming, bright-white smile.

But, drinking soda, coffee, tea, tobacco, and also other dark foods and also drinks deserve to leave dark stains on the teeth.

Luckily, tright here are a number of safe and also reliable tooth whitening choices available this day that have actually dramatic outcomes.

With the innovative teeth bleaching device from Zoom!, consisting of a professional-strength whitening gel which is caused by a one-of-a-kind light, your teeth can obtain drastically whiter in one office visit. This system has actually been clinically prrange to be safe and reliable.

Tooth bleaching is thought about among the safest cosmetic dentisattempt procedures by many dentists. Althe majority of anyone can benefit from a tooth whitening treatment.



To begin the Zoom! tooth whitening procedure, we"ll cover your lips and also gums will be covered so only your teeth are exposed. Next off, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and also then the area is exposed to a distinct light.

This light activates the whitening gel, helping it to lighten deep stains. Finally, the gel is rerelocated to disclose a brilliantly whiter smile.

In enhancement to the in-office procedure, we send our patient home with at-house whitening trays at no extra cost so that they have the right to maintain the outcomes for years to come.

We likewise offer custom-made trays for the convenience of tooth whitening at house.

The patient will certainly wear the tray filled via tooth whitening gel for a few hours throughout the day or overnight for around 2 weeks till the teeth are lightened to the wanted shade.

To make the tooth whitening trays, patients will visit Germantown Dental Group to have a mold of their teeth taken.

This mold is supplied to make a mouth guard to serve as the tray to organize the gel in location, keeping it on the teeth while protecting the gums and also lips.

At-house tooth whitening uses a convenient way for our patients from throughout the Memphis, Tennesview location to safely whiten their teeth a number of shades.

Contrary to what you may have heard, even tetracycline staining CAN be lightened drastically via our whitening therapies.

In-office tooth whitening and also at-house tooth whitening, in conjunction via an ongoing dental hygiene regimine, deserve to provide you a brighter smile for years to come.

Schedule a tooth whitening consultation at Germantvery own Dental Groapproximately discover out which alternative is best for you.

What is the difference between over-the-counter whitening products and also experienced teeth whitening treatments?Expand

While over-the-respond to whitening products have the right to improve the appearance of the teeth, these assets tfinish to be much less powerful than their professional-grade counterparts. Over-the-respond to products that are labeled as “whitening” agents may sindicate rerelocate debris from the surface of the teeth.

“Bleaching” assets must contain an energetic whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide, though expert teeth whitening assets commonly have actually a greater concentration of these bleaching agents and deserve to, therefore, attain a brighter shade of white.

Finally, expert whitening treatments are percreated under the supervision of an experienced dentist who have the right to assist you select the therapy that is appropriate for your distinctive needs.

Many patients are good candidates for teeth whitening. However before, patients with negative dental hygiene, tooth degeneration, or gum illness may need to deal with these comes to prior to whitening therapy.

Patients via modeprice stains or discoloration often advantage significantly from expert teeth whitening. Some patients through major staining or teeth that suffer from added cosmetic concerns might be much better suited for porcelain veneers.

During the consultation process, our dentist have the right to recommend which treatment can best satisfy your expectations.

Dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and various other tooth restoration products are generally unaffected by teeth whitening assets.

Our dentist can design a customized treatment arrangement that have the right to finest deal with your cosmetic comes to while considering your pre-existing dental work-related.

Professional whitening therapies are designed to be as safe and also reliable as possible.

These treatments commonly carry out not permanently damages tooth enamel, though patients frequently experience sensitivity in the time of treatment. Fluoride therapies deserve to likewise be offered to boost tooth protection.

Though a lot of patients will certainly likely endure some level of tooth sensitivity in the time of treatment as well as a couple of days afterward, this side result is only short-term.

The sensitivity of the teeth should return to normal within one to 3 days after the therapy is complete.

Once any type of sort of whitening services are gave, we offer extra gel for touch-ups at our wholesale price anytime you need it in the future. Throughout your one-on-one consultation, our dentist will certainly examine the level of discoloration, talk about your purposes, and also recommfinish a whitening choice that have the right to best satisfy your requirements.

After creating a customized whitening arrangement, a member of our team deserve to give you a quote for the total expense of the treatment. We market a variety of payment alternatives and job-related via trustworthy dental financing companies that deserve to help make the expense of teeth whitening as affordable and convenient as possible.

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