One of the coolest components of playing Destiny 2 is pursuing exotics. Tright here are so many type of cool exotics you can farm in this game it’s actually the best part of the endgame grind.

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If you’re brand-new to the game and wondering exactly how to obtain exotics in Destiny 2, you’re not alone. When I initially began I likewise kept in search of methods to gain some cool exotics to gain the most out of my construct.

Luckily, I uncovered a few techniques to get exotics without having to grind months. Here are a couple of methods that are worth discovering.

Buy From Xur


Xur, the mysterious exotic merchant shows up randomly in Destiny 2. Eexceptionally week, he appears in a different place that you have to look for out.

Xur constantly sells exotic weapons and equipment. You can gain them in exadjust for some of your sources. As well as exadjust them for an exotic engram.


Buying exotics from Xur is by much the simplest approach you can use to gain exotics. They just price you resources and also gives you access to the exotic instantly. There’s no grind involved for unlocking the exotic.

Check Xur Wiki web page to find his location.

Complete Exotic Quests

Another simple means to gain exotics is to obtain exotic pursuits. Exotic pursuits deserve to be obtained in miscellaneous ways and also locations.


For example, if you have the Beyond Light growth, you’ll be able to obtain the Lost Lament exotic pursuit from Banshee in the Tower. This search unlocks a badass exotic sword. Tright here are plenty more pursuits prefer that to uncover.

Use Exotic Ciphers

Following the Beyond Light development, Destiny 2 reexhausted some of its old content. This consists of some exotic gear from the old expansions.

However before, the game still allows you to obtain some of the exotics that you’ve missed in the old seasonal content and expansions.


Exotic Ciphers are a brand-new currency that allows you to re-acquire exotics from the previous expansions. If you have an exotic cipher, you deserve to go to the Tower to exreadjust it for an exotic. Keep in mind it will call for additional sources.


Exotic Ciphers have the right to be acquired by completing Xur’s weekly search. Or, you deserve to level up in the seaboy pass and obtain a cipher for free.

Complete the Campaigns

Last however not leastern, go ahead and also finish the main projects.

If you very own the Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light expansions, you’ll receive exotic pursuits right after completing each campaign.


Forsaken will certainly give you Cayde’s Ace of Spade’s gun as an exotic search. And Beyond Light will certainly reward you through multiple exotic weapon quests also.

Many of these searches are easy to complete while some call for hefty grinding in both PVP and PVE missions.

Personally, I simply accept every search I acquire and also leave them energetic while I perform my consistent bounties and also weekly objectives. Some pursuits finish themselves without an initiative.

Do Raids


Raids are exceptionally difficult missions that require 6-8 players. Tbelow are some players who complete these missions with fewer players, but doing them solo is close to impossible.

Having sassist that, Raids are the most reliable method of acquiring the ideal exotics in Destiny 2.

It’s normally finest to find a team that’s already on a raid run. You have the right to find them with Destiny 2 Discord networks.

If you’re low-level player, tbelow are some teams that will be willing to carry you via the rhelp as well. Be nice and ask.

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Over To You

I hope these methods will certainly assist you obtain even more exotics. If you recognize of any kind of other easy means to obtain exotics, do let me understand.