Like the first reply stated, bounties is the ideal thing to spfinish glimmer on and also you have the right to additionally visit later on Spider on tangled shore to buy resources and other unique bounties.

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It is used in small amounts for fairly a lot of points, such as swapping mods on weapons/armor, pulling from collections, and so on If you desire a dump, tright here are a number of methods to execute so: you deserve to buy raid banners from Hawthorne (which are usable in specific tasks external of raids also, prefer dungeons and the menagerie). You have the right to exchange it for various other resources at Spider, on the Tangled Shore (his stock rotates day-to-day I believe). And since you haven"t done a bunch of it, the royal barge on nessus (north-eastern corner of the map) has actually many kind of chests you deserve to open up for imperials/runes for chalice/menagerie things.
Basically every little thing minor.Really it implies nopoint until actual end game as soon as you upgrading or adding mods buying shaders, etc.Bounties tooGo to spider if you end up broke
Season"s almost over but you can still try doing the empyrean structure stuff. You require a lot of glimmer to farm god rolls from the obelisk.
Your options:- Buy bounties, several bounties. Buy them also if tbelow is a small possibility that you will fill them in a day, because you never know... and in the worst situation scenario you have the right to shard the rewards and turn them right into useful materials.- If you execute raids, obtain a stock of Raid Banners.- If you currently unlocked the chests at the Nessus barge, as soon as a week you have the right to burn quite a little bit of that glimmer in exadjust for useful runes.- If you still overcirculation with glimmer, go to Spider at the Tangled Shore and buy planetary materials via glimmer. You will certainly require them later.- And of course, buy mods, upgrade modules, enhancement prisms and ascendant shards from Banshee... to use in upgrading your weapons, using your glimmer and also other materials you obtained from Banshee.

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