Defeat Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, in this challenging brand-new strike for Destiny: The Taken King.

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You"re once aobtain ago on the Dreadnaught. Follow the indicator to the Founts, and also you"ll view opponents on the floor below. Pick them off from up below and then head in the direction of the Asylum. You"ll have to take dvery own a couple of Henabled Wizards, so usage your Solar tools, and a bunch of Thralls and Acolytes.

When you get to the Asylum you have to co-ordinate with your team to acquire with this area conveniently or it becomes an unnecessary chore. You"re in a large location with two moving platforms either side. To open up the large door in front of you you"ll need to acquire to each platdevelop and also deactivate the batteries. One of you should carry out this while the other 2 reprimary on the platdevelop in the facility and tackle the Wizards and also Shriekers. When both batteries are detriggered, clear out any kind of other enemies and also head through the door.

The following couple of areas are full of Taken and also they come in waves so simply save clearing them out until the Hive Wizard spawns. Once they"re all dead relocate in to the Hanging Crypts, which is full of Shriekers.

Shriekers have the right to be overwhelming in big numbers, so it"s ideal to occupational below systematically through your Strike team. Concentprice your fire on the closest Shrieker, then usage the pillars for cover as you relocate from one Shrieker tarobtain to the other. If you speak to out and also gang up on one at a time you"ll have them nailed in no time. Stick together and work as a team. After the Shriekers there"s simply a pair of Taken and Wizards to resolve. When you inevitably arrive at the Cell, you"ll need to take a leap of confidence into the abyss...

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It"s extremely dark down in the cell, and you"ll be assaulted by Thrall and also Cursed Thrall. Arm yourself via a shotgun, rocket launcher or powerful hand also cannon. The area is tight and also dark, so spread out.

When Darkblade assaults from the shadows he swings a enormous axe, that can virtually kill you via on blow. If you stand cshed to one one more you"ll all take damages, so save acomponent and also hammer him once he shows up, picking off the Thrall when he recedes into the darkness. Stay out of his melee assaults and also when his health and wellness is low he"ll shed his helmet and gain some speed. Now is the moment for supers and also rocket launchers. With one last press you"ll put him down for excellent and also collect your sweet loot.