Towards the end of season 4, Brock was hospitalized, as a lot of of this sub currently knows. But after rewatching it I just can't pinpoint just how Walt was able to offer Brock the Lily of the Valley.

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Walt planned it, Saul did it. This was shown 3 ways: 1) by Vince Gilligan 2) Francesca was shredding school schedules 3) Walt and also Saul cite it in the time of their fight.

Vince sassist Saul provided a juice box. I say Saul used one of his Vietnamese salon worker's kids to provide the juice to Brock.

I watched one episode via commentary wbelow they talk around it. They never really chose, but they were thinking possibly he had the ability to enter Brock's college because of his teacher relationships and perhaps injected a tiny right into his juice box with a syringe.

It's so weird that they left that whole part out, would have made that episode even more dark to incorporate that scene

In one episode, Saul’s female assistant is checked out shredding records that look prefer a college schedule. Walt hired Saul to orchestprice the whole thing. Huell lifted the ricin cigarette off Jesse and then the assistant (or someone else functioning for Saul) yielded it to the school making use of Brock’s college schedule.

Edit: foracquired it was lily of the valley. Huell gets the ricin cigarette from Jesse simply so Jesse feels prefer it’s his fault. Walt should have synthesized poison from the plant and also given it to Saul.

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We get this question a lot so I composed a FAQ around it here:

That was in seachild 5, the first time Walt "met" Brock and also Andrea was the begin of seachild 5 also, while Walt and also Jesse were stating plans for the brand-new lab

I think the medical professionals said that they look or taste like berries or somepoint. And there’s an episode where Saul goes to the residence and also Brock is eating fruit loops or some form of fruity cereal. So I think they put the poison in the cereal box and also waited on him to eat it


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