I"m trying to number out exactly how ideal to word the above sentence. It"s for a web page, and also at the bottom of the web page there will be a search bar. To me "you are" or "you"re" is the best fit, because the principle is you"ve scrolled with the page, and also not uncovered what you"re after, so you"re still looking.

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Which of those (if any?) would certainly be the correct method to expression this question?

Also, I"m not sure just how to tag this question, so any kind of edits welcome.


The correct sentence would certainly be:

Didn"t uncover what you were looking for?

Why? Because you did not find something. That happens as soon as you were trying to find somepoint, in the previous. So, as soon as you did not find somepoint, you can"t usage a building which shows you are still looking (in existing tense), ie: you are looking.

To deal with your other question:

To me "you are" or "you"re" is the best fit, bereason the idea is you"ve scrolled with the page, and also not found what you"re after, so you"re still looking.

True, that you have actually scrolled with the page and did not uncover what you were searching for, so you"re still searching. To attend to this, you must use the current develop of "didn"t" ie: "can"t", and the correct question would be:

Can"t find what you are/you"re looking for?


Still can"t uncover what you"re looking for?

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answered Sep 2 "14 at 11:40

Manish GiriManish Giri
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