There’s somepoint stylish around a short name nowadays, and also the bright Bo has actually quite a bit of appeal.

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Spelled Beau, the name feels favor a Southern gentlemale – however additionally has background as a feminine finishing in France. Tbelow were 39 girl Beaus and also 1059 boy Beaus born in 2012.

Bo is much less formal – more of a nickname – yet 19 girls and also 285 boys born in 2012 had simply Bo put on their birth certificate.

I suppose it’s also possible to think around Bow, as in the weapon and the package trimming, and also Clara Bow, too.

But what if this name strikes you as too brief? No worries! Tbelow are plenty of formal names, both mainstream and also not-so-simple – that result in the nickname Bo or Beau, for a kid or a daughter.

Getting to Bo: Girls

Boadicea, Boudicca – A warrior queen who led her tribe to victory against the Romans before ultimately meeting her end, Boadicea shows up in plenty of artoccupational and literary works. The historical figure’s specific name is in problem, as is the pronunciation. But there’s a case to created a first syllable Bo, and also she’s a fierce name for a daughter. I prefer her finest as an unintended middle – Elizabeth Boadicea, maybe?

Boheme – Blogger Rebecca Woolf included this name to the list when she named among her twins Boheme Shalom back in 2011. Boheme was daring, even outlandish, to some. For me, it was the same sort of head-smacking, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that minute that I had actually when I witnessed the birth announcement for her older daughter Fable. The français Boheme via her operatic overtones is so lovely and dramatic and also, well bohemian, yet then Bo is such a friendly, easily accessible brief form.

Bonita – I almost put Bonnie on this list, yet isn’t Bonnie a diminutive? And have the right to you nickname a nickname? Well, I probably can. But then I thought of Bonita, a retro, flirty name, the Spanish word for pretty. From Florida’s Bonita Springs to California’s Bonita Falls, there’s no shortage of locations sharing this name. A boyish Bonita might conveniently lop off the last few letters and also answer to Bo.

Deborah – She’s in style hibercountry at the minute, yet timeless Deborah could perhaps bring about the nickname Bo.

Isabeau – Also spelled Ysabeau, she’s a rare French create of Elizabeth and Isabelle. She’s gaining some attention lately thanks to the Deborah Harkness All Souls trilogy, featuring effective vampire matriarch Ysabeau, immortal vampire mom to Matthew.

Rainbow – Is this one too daffy for words? More My Little Pony than actual humale child? I have my hesitations, but let’s say that Rainbow undeniably leads to this short form.

Getting to Bo: Boys

Abbot, Abbott – A handful of surnames include the ideal letter combination, if not quite the best sound. Data Abbot, Abbott, and also Talbot under preppy possibilities that can cause Bo.

Beau – Just Beau seems to stand also on his very own much better than the two-letter variation. He appears all-boy to me, but Sarah Jane Morris and Ned Brower went through Beau Katherine for their 2014-born daughter.

Beauregard – He’s a surname derived from a scenic watch – beau interpretation lovely, and also regard meaning to look at. The initially wave of baby Beauregards can honor Confedeprice Civil War General Gustave Beauregard, a Louisiana-born officer. But I’m just basing on that on Gone with the Wind, where Ashley and Melanie really did name their son after the Ashley’s commanding officer. The numbers suggest that Beau caught on later – influenced by the novel, the film, and also later, The Dukes of Hazzard.

Boaz – He’s an upstanding fellow in the Bible, the husband also of Ruth. Plus his name suggests swiftness – a fairly existing definition in our age of energetic names for boys. He’s much less expected than Noah, a smidge simpler to wear than Nehemiah.

Bode, Bodie, Bodhi – After back-to-earlier baby Bodhis earlier this year, could this name be on the rise? He’s the majority of spiritual as Bodhi – awakened, from the Sanskrit. But he’s a contemporary wearable in any of his creates.

Boden – Tbelow really is a Johnnie Boden, founder of the catalog/digital retailer Boden and Mini Boden, a brochure I love as a lot for sharing the names of its mini models as its bappropriate and also cheery kids’ apparel. It’s not quite choose naming your kiddo Chanel, however Boden is definitely recognizable as a surname and a brand also.

Bodhan, Bohdan – The Slavic name Bogdan suggests “given by God.” In Czech, the ‘g’ becomes an ‘h’ and Bogdan becomes Bohdan – a reasonable way to obtain to Bo, with a rich heritage tie-in too. Similarly, I’ve come throughout a Sanskrit name, Bodhan, which can work-related equally well.

Bolivar – Looking for a hero name? Simon Bolivar aided libeprice South America from Spain. Boliusing is named in his honor. It’s originally obtained from a place name, and many various other places have been named in his honor. Bolivar is also the name of Donald Duck’s dog, a big St. Bernard.

Bolton – Is this surname too tied to singer Michael Bolton? Maybe … but he’s a location name-turned-surname, one that’s not much from famous picks like Dalton and Colton.

Bonaundertaking, Bonaventura – Originally a given name definition great fortune, the Italian Bonaventura shifted to the surname spot, and became Bonaventure in French. I appreciate his similarity to the word “adendeavor.”

Booker – Recently favored by Thandie Newton for her kid, Booker has actually a variety of positive associations – the literary attach, and early civil legal rights leader Booker T. Washington.

Boston – He’s a renowned location name, and also a possible method to acquire to Bo.

Bowen – I nearly put Bowman on this list, too, however he feels clunky in a method that Bowen does not. Footsphere player Drew Brees has boys named Baylen, Bowen, and Callen.

Bowie – A hero name, thanks to David, and a sharp option, thanks to the Bowie knife.

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Robert – He’s a secure classic, relatively underprovided in current years – the masculine tantamount of Deborah on this list. If you’re naming your child Robert, Jr. – or maybe Robert III – Bo becomes a method to shake up this venerable name.

Would you use Bo, Beau – or also Bow! – as a offered name? How ’bout a nickname? Which formal versions would certainly you consider?