I *usually* evolve on the grounds I have the right to constantly obtain an additional. Growlithe has actually been my exception.

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ETA: And Wynaut.


I evolve eexceptionally initially shiny I have actually, or even more if they"re from CD of course. However before, if I wregarding gain Wynaut, Magby or Togetic, that would certainly be my exemption.

I did one more exception: Drowzee is a fan favourite of a friend of mine, so I"m saving it for him for whenever I have even more stardust than I have the right to spfinish :)

I will evolve if it has decent IV"s and/or is recorded at a high level, or if I have actually multiples of the very same unprogressed shiny.

I presently have a shiny Wingull that I plan to save unprogressed because I disfavor Pelipper. The only method id evolve it is if i discovered another shiny wingull.

I arrangement to carry out the same via certain various other pokemon prefer Gible in the future because shiny Garchomp is a travesty. So for me personally it"s simply based on whether or not I like their look even more.

gible you should evolve shiny if having actually the candie for it mega garchomp is purple and megas wont stay out for as well long so evolve it before spfinishing the candies

Caught a shiny Pineco the other day. Was disappointed when I saw that the sensibly cool looking Forretress had a shiny that looked just prefer the continual one, however painted totally turd brvery own. Haven"t developed that one.

I have actually progressed all of mine so far but certainly maintaining them unadvanced provides them more practical for trading so you have actually a advantage tbelow. Shinies are greatly aesthetic so i evolve them to have actually even more dex entries. The just one i acquired from an egg had actually crappy IVs so no shiny of mine is actually useful :( (well besides a 84% Meganium but sadly that pokemon is not stelllar)

evolve the following one you get go for the whole shiny familie in you box but at leastern obtain the shiny dex entrie

I evolve them to get the shiny dex enattempt. I"m not interested in spfinishing the majority of dust and effort to profession for new shinies so keeping unevolved shinies has no worth for me.

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Being the IV slut I am I wait till I get enough to cover the entire line before deciding which ones to evolve. I have Shiny Swablu from early on that"s been a Swablu until I find an additional. I"ve been able to find 3 shiny Aron and two shiny Makuhita though so I have actually their evolutions.