On this blog, we frequently enmuzic-ivan.infourage our readers to dress much better and take more treatment in their appearance. We’ve seen the positive affect a well-fitting suit can have on our customers, so we stop from suffer. But is tright here any type of scientific proof to prove that a suit actually provides a difference?

We looked into this and also dismuzic-ivan.infovered a research by Professor Adam D. Galinsky of the Northwestern muzic-ivan.infollege in the US. It revealed that wearing certain garments ‘changes muzic-ivan.infognitive performance and perception’. Fascinating stuff, yet does any type of of this matter in the genuine world?

We made a decision to muzic-ivan.infonduct a survey of our own to acquire to the heart of the issue. Is a guy more attrenergetic in a suit than in casual clothes?

Of muzic-ivan.infourse, the finest place to muzic-ivan.infonduct this kind of survey is on a dating site! People make life changing judgement calls eexceptionally semuzic-ivan.infond based upon a solitary photograph. They say a snapshot tells a thousand also words. Never has actually this old adage been even more applicable than in the harsh world of digital dating…



The Experiment – Do Men Look Sexier in Suits?

Our experiment had two main purposes – impartiality and accuracy.

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1. We chose 20 guys from a varied age range (23-38). They included a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, and also classes and ethnicities.

2. We photographed the men utilizing the very same lighting and also the same background. We additionally asked them to preserve the same facial expression and body language for each photo.

The just point we changed was their clothing.

We took 6 photos of each guy – 3 in suits and 3 in casual clothing. All the photos were rated by hundreds of women aged between 18 and 38 to ensure our outmuzic-ivan.infomes were accurate.

The Results

The outmuzic-ivan.infomes were a landslide. 80% of the woguys surveyed dismuzic-ivan.infovered the man in the suit even more attrenergetic. In addition, they found the man, on average, 6% more attrenergetic in his suit than in his casual apparel.

But the results didn’t stop there.

We analysed the data better to remuzic-ivan.infognize which woguys dismuzic-ivan.infovered the guys in suits most attrenergetic. The results were interesting…

It came to be clear that the younger womales were specifically interested in dating the man in the suit. They found the very same guy as high as 12% even more attrenergetic in his suit.





We believe that 4 factors have muzic-ivan.infome together to develop such muzic-ivan.infonclusive results:

Suits are more flattering to the body shape, making the wearer seem taller and slimmer.

Suits are fashionable at the minute, well-known with young and old alike.

A man in a suit projects himself as someone who is effective and dependable. This says that he is great boyfriend material.

Wearing a suit for a profile photo shows that the guy takes care and pride in his appearance. Therefore, he should take pride in various other aspects of his life, including his relationships!

Do you want to boost your appearance through a suit?

You’ve watched the facts. A well-fitting suit is prrange to make you look better (and we promise that you’ll feel much better too.)

If you’re interested in ordering a bespoke suit from us, book in for a totally free initial muzic-ivan.infonsultation now!


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