Eextremely time I have to use toner to kill those horrible yellow strands in my hair, I ask myself the same thing.

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Do I need to apply toner on dry or damp hair?

Do you ask yourself the exact same question?

Luckily, choose Indiana Jones in his incredible adendeavor during the Divine Grail search, I discovered the answer.

You need to constantly use toner on hair as soon as it’s seventy percent dry. That is, neither completely dry nor totally wet.

Of course, I did not gain to this conclusion by mere motivation. It was after many type of comings and goings, successes, and mistakes.

But that doesn’t hazard, doesn’t win. And I was willing to obtain to the absolute reality, even if it took me a couple of experiments.

My partnership with toner began a few years ago as soon as I got the idea to be blonde in my crazy mind.

Of course, the way that would take me to my goal had actually a name: bleaching. And numerous thorns: the yellow strands favor hay that show up after bleaching hair.

They even show up after placing some dye to color bleached hair.

I got worn down of dyeing my hair blonde eexceptionally twenty days, enthroughout that horrible smell of ammonia and the occasional scalp itch, I began trying toner.

Toner is a product that delivers a light touch of color to neutralize the yellow and also orange tones of bleached hair.

They deserve to come in sprays, dyes, drops, and masks.

Meaning they permit little transforms and subtle corrections in hair color without having actually to use stronger dyes.

In my instance, toner helps me deposit a cool tone that cancels warm tones, prefer that horrible yellowish one that shows up once you go blonde.

You can watch this in the color wheel, purple is in front of ovariety and blue is in front of yellow. When one tone is applied to the other, the result is a neutral tone.

Tbelow are different brands, depending on the consumer’s possibilities.

As my hair looked very mistreated by bleaching and also succeeding coloring, I determined to buy a much better product.

And much better, is synonymous with more expensive. But you recognize how the saying goes, you acquire what you pay for.

And that’s when this love affair started between toner and me, and favor any type of romance, it had its ups and also downs. But ultimately, we pertained to a solution.

Do you want to recognize the details of the romance between toner and me?

Then keep analysis, bereason I’ll tell you:

What happens when you apply toner on wet hairWhy it’s convenient to apply toner on nearly dry hairHow to improve the results of toner

Because of this, I’m inviting you to uncover the correct way to apply toner without having to go with a course complete of thorns.

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You will certainly only find pure roses, which is the best for your hair.

What execute you decide?

What happens once you use toner on your wet hair


What do you think I did the initially time I provided toner in my hair?

Do you think I check out the instructions carefully?Pour the product as if it were just water?Wash my hair?

Have you answered option 2?