"You Think This is a Motherfucking Game?" is a rhetorical question frequently linked through photo macros of Starecat and various other cute pets. Juxtaposing cuteness and intimidating language, the picture macros are generally offered as reactivity imeras in response to flippant statements or behaviors.

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The earliest recognized use of the phrase “you think this is a fucking game?” deserve to be uncovered in the initially verse of hip hop artist DMX"s 1999 hardcore rap song “What’s My Name?” (presented below).

As beforehand as in July 2010, the phrase started appearing in disgranting reactivity imperiods of Starecat on the imageboard 4chan. While the exact beginning of the Starecat photo macro is unknown (displayed listed below, right), its earliest recognized circumstances have the right to be discovered in an article publiburned by the cricket video game enthusiast blog Gamers Cricket<1> on August fourth, 2010.



On December 7th, 2011, Redditor heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey submitted the Starecat image macro to the /r/funny<2> subreddit, wright here it gained over 8,700 up votes and 95 comments prior to being archived. OOn December 11th, Redditor SpareChang submitted an image macro of a cat wearing a knit sweater through the inscription “You think this is a motherfucking game?” (displayed below, left) in a /r/atheism<4> short article titled “My grandma as soon as she saw I wasn’t bowing my head during Thanksproviding prayer." On July 2sixth, 2012, Redditor photojoe submitted an edited version of the Starecat photo macro featuring Bane’s mask from the film Dark Knight Rises (presented below, right) in a /r/AdviceAnimals<3> write-up titled “Friend tried to spoil ending of Dark Knight rises for me." Before the write-up was archived, it gathered more than 7,300 up votes and 220 comments.

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On December 24th, Redditor dexxin submitted a photoshopped image of Starecat wearing a Terran Marine"s helmet from the real-time strategy game series Starcraft (presented below, left) to the /r/starcraft<6> subreddit. On September 2fourth, 2013, Redditor jaycrew submitted a photo macro of a swatting cat through the same subtitle to the /r/AnimalsBeingJerks<5> subreddit, wright here it garnered upwards of 3,000 up votes and also 65 comments in the initially 48 hours.