Sarah Rafferty Teases Suits Flashearlier Episode, College Hair and also That Can OpenerJim HaltermanatAugust 19, 2013 3:23 pm.

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Suits will certainly take viewers earlier a decade on “The Other Time," revealing brand-new details and tidbits regarded various characters - and we"re not simply talking about Donna’s different hair style!

The flashbacks not just fill in some gaps in the backgrounds of Harvey, Mike, Donna and Jessica... they likewise feed into recurring storylines that have actually been imminent throughout Suits Season 3.

With that in mind, I jumped on the phone with Sarah Rafferty to talk about the unique episode; the current partnership between Donna and Stephen; and also, of course, what we could find out around that inwell known have the right to opener...


TV Fanatic: Let’s talk Donna’s hair circa 2003 and how a lot entered what your look would certainly be in the flashbacks.Sarah Rafferty: I think a lot of talk entered it that I’m not conscious of, that I’m not privy to. I just sit down and also they attempt things on me, take photos, and they gain sent out around and opinions occur, yet it was funny bereason kind of at the last minute I was prefer, I don’t understand about the bangs. We did bangs for the flashago 5 years earlier, perhaps 10 years ago she didn’t have actually bangs, however method prior to we swarm we put them ago on bereason we believed that it was possibly more of a readjust and also that she type of is coming out of high school hair, I think. So 10 years ago, she hasn’t necessarily completely shed the college hair.

I think it’s harder for the male personalities to make a huge change. It’s much easier for the female personalities so if anybody was going to make a bit of a change that would present us that we were going back in time it would be me. Although Gabriel would more than likely rock a lengthy wig, he wasn’t going to. I think he might wear any hair and also pull it off. I simply don’t know if it would certainly really be Suits anymore.

TVF: Did you currently know most their previous or was what happens in the episode a surpincrease to you, too?SR: Just initially when we were in season one and also seaboy 2 I was creating the majority of the back story for Donna and for Donna and Harvey. It was funny to me to view the majority of it being sort of created in, in a means and I had some conversations via our creator . I particularly had conversations after the episode in last seakid once Donna agrees to come ago to work-related at Pearkid Hardman. She provides referral to the other times. I had actually had actually some conversations about that through Aaron.

TVF: How a lot of Harvey’s success as a lawyer is as a result of Donna? SR: I think what’s amazing about the flashearlier episode is that his character is really put to the test mostly professionally yet likewise personally and he gets to really create his ethical compass and their original dynamic is established I certainly appreciated once I review the episode.

I was thrilled by her strength and also that 10 years back she was still the perkid that she is and she doesn’t apologize for that she is. She is a right shooter and also she has never before wavered from being that. She states it favor it is and I really admire that in her and I’m really grateful to the writer for that high quality in her.

TVF: I love it! Let’s talk about existing day and also the Donna/Stephen point. How do you amount up that relationship? SR: I think it started physical, which was pretty fun and funny. It was extremely funny for me to view that side of Donna. She’s constantly been extremely confident around all her gifts. So as soon as she states to Rachel, ‘I was awesome’ I perform think that’s so funny; she’s that girl.

I think that we learned in last week’s episode that when Stephen states, ‘I’m feeling even more for you than I initially anticipated and I desire to extend the terms of our agreement,’…I think that maybe they both believed that it was turning out as fun and also physical. They established that they would certainly not be expecting too a lot from each other, but I think that they’re a small bit surprised by exactly how they’re feeling and that it’s ending up being even more substantial.

TVF: Do you think that we, and/or Donna, need to trust him at this point?SR: I can say that Donna believes she always has her eyes wide open up. So for the a lot of component she hasn’t gone totally simple on Stephen. She’s a straight shooter, she told him, ‘When you brought up my name to Harvey, you crossed the line,’ and also that was virtually a deal breaker for her. I think that she’s cautious however at the very same time she would certainly never before be with him at all if she believed that he posed any type of threat to Harvey.

TVF: How are things relocating forward via Donna and Rachel? I love the scenes with you and Meghan. Do we get even more of those scenes?SR: Yes, there is more. I think it’s great that in the 3rd seakid so a lot came up in the personal stays of Rachel and Donna so they need each various other, they require a BFF, and also that’s really satisfying for Meghan and also I to play, I’ve gained to say.

TVF: Do we gain any type of answer around the have the right to opener in the episode? We still don’t rather know its origins… SR: The have the right to opener makes an appearance. I can’t guarantee that everybody’s inquiries will certainly completely be answered but we take a action into every character’s back-story. So we’re taking a step right into the have the right to opener’s back-story also. He deserves simply as much attention as all the personalities of the series.

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TVF: Maybe there’s a can opener spinoff in the works…SR: An animated series!

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