Between the welcome return of Mia Toretto, the arrival of her estranged villainous brother (John Cena"s Jakob), and the bombshell resurrection of Han Lue, the Rapid and also Furious 9 trailer promised substantial points for the action franchise shortly to hit the substantial two-zero. But when you acquire previous all the heart-stopping sequences and also jaw-dropping reveals, it"s easier to see what — or that — is really driving the film. It may be much less flashy, however it"s equally compelling: the design template of household. The bonds we build, whether by blood or friendship, is a principle that has followed the street-racing-turned-action-fantasy franchise throughout continents and genres, and also through a revolving door of Dodge Chargers and ensemble members. F9 director Justin Lin also admitted that gaining the opportunity to check out the saga"s theme of family members in a different way played a role in his decision to come ago to the franchise.

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So with family members establimelted as the ninth Fast film"s emphasis, it renders feeling that the trailer would start via a moment centering on Dom Toretto"s (Vin Diesel) necklace. The silver cross pendant made its very initially appearance in 2001"s The Rapid and also the Furious, alongside Dom"s signature babsence sleeveless T-shirt. Because then, it has actually appeared anywhere from the rearcheck out mirror of Letty"s (Michelle Rodriguez) auto to a baby strapped to Deckard Shaw"s (Jakid Statham) chest.

In the opening scene of the F9 trailer, we watch Letty rerelocate the item of jewelry from her neck and also hand also it over to Dom"s child. This passing of the cross necklace between the 2 most crucial world in Dom"s life proves there"s no better symbol of household in the Fast franchise. Yet, it may also be an essential to unlocking at leastern among Rapid and Furious 9"s a lot of shocking twists.

Here"s why and exactly how Dom"s necklace came to be so substantial in the Fast and Furious world.

The necklace is a literal and also metophorical create of protection

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In the F9 trailer, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) tells Dom"s young child Brian that the gem-speckled silver cross is both "special" and a form "of defense." While plenty of movie necklaces have fit that mold, this one has really earned its titles.

After the Toretto crew successfully execute their fuel tanker heist in 2009"s Fast & Furious, everyone parabsorbs their usual post-task celebration. But in one more "as usual" development, the police have actually found out their whereabouts, and also currently they"re coming for them. Dom (Vin Diesel) learns this, and also to protect Letty, he disappears. He doesn"t leave her empty-handed, though. On her bedside table are stacks of cash, and also wrapped approximately one is Dom"s necklace. It"s a message that his money will certainly keep her safe, also if he can"t be tright here physically to carry out it himself.

Afterwards in the Fast timeline, the necklace goes from a metaphorical form of defense to a literal one. In 2017"s The Fate of the Furious, cyberterrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron) forces Dom to job-related for her after she takes hophase Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky), his previous flame who made her deyet in Fast Five. And if that wasn"t sufficient, Theron"s blonde-braided villain likewise has actually his and also Elena"s child, a young boy Dom never before kbrand-new he had actually. At one allude in the film, we check out Dom taking a soldering iron to somepoint prior to it"s revealed he"s placed a tracking tool inside of it. After planting the necklace on his son"s cell in Cipher"s aircraft, Jachild Statham"s villain-turned-Toretto ally Deckard Shaw is sent to retrieve the baby.

But saving babies and girlfriends are just the tip of the iceberg for this necklace.

The necklace serves as a symbol of Letty and Dom's matrimony

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When it"s not being used as a money clip or baby monitor, Dom"s necklace has doubled as a symbol of his and Letty"s union. Before Dom leaves with a pile of cash in Quick and Furious 4, the long-time partners in crime usage it to make their love for each various other main. As the crew hangs out in the Dominihave the right to Republic, Dom and Letty acquire hitched in a private ceremony with just a priest as their witness. The necklace becomes a stand-in for a ring as the man in towel wraps the jewelry approximately the couples" hands.

But there"s a catch. Audiences do not learn around the wedding till 2015"s Furious 7, as soon as it"s revealed in a series of flashbacks. Told from Letty"s allude of check out, the cascade of images ultimately settles right into a complete scene of the wedding, finish via an exadjust of vows certain to lug at least one tear to your eye. Once the montage is over, viewers are thrust ago into Furious 7"s fiery reality as Letty tearfully clutches her bruised and bloopassed away husband after he drove his vehicle right into an airborne helicopter.

The reunion is intense, and also not just because the necklace symbolizes Letty and also Dom"s impenetrable bond — though Dom was willing to threat capture by Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to retrieve it from Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) in Quick Five for that factor alone. As Letty cradles her husband also in what she believes is his last minute, she confesses that she remembers their entire life together — and also that"s the first time she had in 2 films.

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After the Dominican heist goes southern and also Dom goes on the run in Fast and also Furious 4, Letty retransforms to Los Angeles, where she hangs the cross on the rearcheck out of Dom"s 1970 Charger. To help clear Dom"s name, she transforms to Brian O"Conner (the late Paul Walker), that is at this allude in the Fast timeline still working for the FBI. As part of their agreement, Letty infiltrates a cross-border heroin procedure led by the brutal drug lord Arturo Braga (John Ortiz). But as soon as she discovers what happens to Braga"s vehicle drivers when they"ve completed their work, she tries to escape. Chased down and run off the road by the drug lord"s second in command, Letty is presumed dead when her auto explodes.

Both audiences and also the Toretto crew mourn for Letty — until Luke Hobbs drops a major bombshell at the begin of Rapid and Furious 6. While a snapshot deserve to say a thousand also words, the one Hobbs brings to Dom only says two: Letty"s alive. The difficulty is she has no memory of that she was before the accident, and is currently functioning for Braga"s effective boss, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). As Dom sets out to bring Letty earlier to her family members, the necklace becomes a tool by which he tries to break her amnesia.

On opposite sides of the fight and with bit to no authorize that Letty"s memory will rerevolve, Dom hands over the cross pendant as a last effort. When Shaw discovers it, Letty gives it to him as proof her connection to Dom is still severed. So while she could not have actually it on her by the end of Fast and also Furious 6, as soon as the time comes, the memory of it helps salvage their bond.

In this way, the cross takes Dom and Letty complete circle in between the begin of the fourth movie and also the end of 6th. But it additionally lays the groundwork for an also even more exciting twist for F9.

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If director Justin Lin"s latest go behind the Quick and also Furious creative wheel is focused on family members, it makes perfect feeling that Dom"s necklace would somehow be at the facility of the narrative. It"s a symbol of whatever — and everyone — Dom has fought for. And coupled through the return of Mia (Jordana Brewster), the emergence of Jakob (John Cena) and, the majority of interestingly, the resurrection of Han (Sung Kang), the necklace"s appearance in Quick and Furious 9 might come to be more than that. In fact, it can be just how Lin defines component of Han"s return... and Deckard Shaw"s redemption.

One of the many significant moments the cross has actually ever before had in the franchise entails Han"s fatality. In 2006"s Tokyo Drift, the character is presumably blvery own up in a crash that eerily mirrors Letty"s. But after Lin scrambled the saga"s timeline and also composed in Fast and Furious 6 that Deckard Shaw collection Han"s wrecked car on fire to introduce Jason Statham"s character, the director essentially stuck both his story and fans with a hot poker.

As the Quick and Furious 6 scene reveals, Shaw didn"t simply kill Han to gain also through Dom for killing his brother, Owen. He likewise sent out the cross necklace ago to Dom via Han"s points, as both a calling card and a challenge. For Han"s fans, it was enraging — a pain only made worse after the franchise turned its villain-to-household narrative tool on Shaw.

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With Han"s murderer now component of Toretto"s crew, deserve to Dom"s dedication and loyalty to his household — somepoint that necklace symbolizes — be trusted after what the franchise did through the characters of Han and Shaw? Perhaps Lin"s renewed interemainder in family members isn"t just about exploring Dom"s ties through brand-new characters. Maybe it"s also about restoring fans" idea in the family members Dom has actually developed along the means.