“Don’t damage yourself. You’re all you’ve obtained.” Janis Joplin

What reminded me of this photo and also her quote was an obituary of the photographer Jim Marshall.

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He commented in the article: “Some human being shelp I shouldn’t have actually publimelted that image of her lying ago, with the bottle in her hand, however I’ll safeguard it to the fatality. People sassist her legs looked also fat.

“But Janis said, ‘Hey, that’s a great shot because it’s just how it is periodically. Lousy.’ …

“You know, I don’t really treatment if Janis liked the photo or not; it was an honest, solid picture. It simply happened that she liked it a lot.”

Book: Trust: Photographs of Jim Marshall.

The quote by the excellent Janis Joplin is one I provided in an write-up where I noted that it is a contact to look at exactly how we may limit ourselves.

But it’s advice she did not follow so well: she passed away in 1970 at age 27 of a drug overdose (heroin, maybe merged via alcohol).

Many various other gifted artists have actually supplied and misoffered drugs and booze.

See my articlesGifted, Talented, Addicted

Actors and also Addiction

Many talented world use or abusage drugs


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