About Don"t Want to Be a Fool

"Don"t Want To Be A Fool" is a song by American recording artist Luther Vandross. It is the second single released from Vandross" 1991 album, Power of Love. The song peaked at No. 4 on the US R&B Singles chart on September 14, 1991. The single also peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 on November 2, 1991.

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Love, what have actually you done? Oh, wowI was sure as much as currently that she was a friendI stayed "till the end (don"t be a fool again)I as soon as thought that love was fairBut I do not anyeven more, she said I"m a boreMy heart hit the floor (do not be a fool anymore)Each time aroundI tell myself it"s the game of loveIgnore the signs and also risk it all in the name of loveWell, I"ve chose I can not let nobody hurt me againSo I"ll say to the endI just don"t wanna be a fool (don"t want to be a fool)Said I do not wanna be a fool ever before againWhenever before a fool"s in love he does not understand he"s to blameHe"s captured in the gameIt all ends up the exact same (he does not feel the shame)He looks at love in a diff"rent wayIt breaks his heart ev"rytime they all turn out strangeBut he"ll never before change (he"s never gonna change)Next off time around I"ll tell myself it"ll be better than beforeI won"t look backThere"ll be no one tearing my heart out anymoreI just determined I can"t let nobody fool me againSo I"ll swear to the endI simply do not wanna be a fool (don"t wanna be a fool)Shelp I don"t wanna be a fool (ever again)No way (I mean no more) never before aget (ooh, no never)I can not be a fool, can"t be, no means, no method, no wayI do not wanna beI do not wanna be a fool, noI can not love anybody (I can"t love nobody)Walking on a one means street (any kind of means, any kind of method any kind of, means no)If I don"t (if I don"t) discover somebody (somebody body)That"ll be alright with me (recognize, I recognize it"ll be alideal now)"Cause I determined not to let nobody kill me againSo I"ll say to the endI just do not wanna be a fool (do not wanna be a fool)Said I don"t wanna be a fool (do not wanna be a fool) ever before, ever before again(Don"t wanna a fool can not be a fool)Don"t wanna be a fool (do not wanna be a fool) ever again(I do not wanna be a fool) never oh never before oh never again(Don"t wanna be a fool) can"t be a fool

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Luther Vandross Luther Ronzoni Vandross (April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005) was an Amerideserve to singer-songwriter and document producer. Throughout his career, Vandross sold over twenty-five million albums and also won eight Grammy Awards including Best Male R&B Vocal Performance four times.

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He won four Grammy Awards in 2004 consisting of the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for the track "Dance via My Father", co-composed through Ricdifficult Marx. even more »