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Don"t Worry, I"m From the Internet is a catchexpression frequently watched in image macros featuring civilization dressed in cosplay costumes. The phrase is frequently used in message boards to reascertain world that unplain points are acceptable on the Net, or alternatively, to assert that the poster is an authority on a offered topic.

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One of the earliest appearances of the expression "Don"t Worry, I"m from the Internet" was viewed as a subtitle on a photo of a heavycollection guy dressed in army gear holding a gun. It was initially referenced on the Ars Technica message board<3> in a discussion around cosplay in February 2005, through the original poster asking if anyone had remembered the photo. The image<1> (listed below left) was not checked out aget till December 15th, 2005, once it was posted on humor website MyGap along with a comparable photo<2>, both using the subtitle.



The first YTMND<9> page making use of the expression was created on August 22nd, 2005. The expression was offered again in an xkcd comic strip<4> about LOLcats on May 1sixth, 2007. In 2008, one of the early on army cosplay photos was uploaded to Slashdot<12> in August and also eBaum’s World<11> that October. In January 2010, the single topic blog Hello, I’m From the Internet<8> was developed, hosting audio records of people from across the globe saying the expression in their indigenous language.


A collection of picture macros featuring civilization dressed in warrior costumes was common on Dorkly<5> in September 2010. On Tumblr, the expression “I’m from the internet” is offered as a tag<6> for image macros and also text articles in which civilization feel choose they perform not fit in<7> through typical social interactions because of their roots in web culture. The phrase is likewise supplied on Reddit<10> as a way to assert that one is an authority on the topic at hand. There is additionally a Facebook<13> fan page that has actually less than 300 likes.

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External References

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