If you’ve entirely spaced and also accidentally taken 2 birth controls in at some point, relax — it’s really NBD.

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Taking an extra birth control pill on the same day won’t have actually any kind of major wellness effects. We double-checked through an professional who’ll tell you what to perform next.

Most likely nopoint. Taking two birth regulate pills in someday won’t have any kind of long-term health and wellness impacts and more than likely won’t reason any type of symptoms.

The added dose could reason you to feel a little nauseous that day, but it’ll pass conveniently. If you execute feel nauseous, tright here are a couple of herbal residence remedies you deserve to try, prefer eating crystalized ginger or drinking ginger tea.

As the saying goes, keep calm and carry on.

That implies acquiring ago on track by taking your pill as usual, according to Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi, a pharmacist and also the co-founder and co-CEO of accredited online pharmacy Honeybee Health.

“Carry on taking the rest of your pills as you usually would, once a day at the same time every day for the remainder of the load,” Nouhavandi claims.

“You’ll reach the end of the fill sooner than prior to, but this won’t impact contraception.”


Let’s erected an instance scenario and break it down:

You normally take your pill at 7:00 a.m. every day.On Wednesday, you took your pill as usual, and, later that day, you also took Thursday’s pill. (D’oh!)Thursday morning, you need to take your pill as you generally would — in this instance, that would be Friday’s pill.

That implies your pills won’t line up via the day on the pack, and also you’ll finish your fill a day early on. No worries! When you complete your fill, simply move on to the following fill like usual.

How to get a spare pack

You don’t actually need a spare fill to make up the distinction, because you’ll just proceed taking your pills and complete the pack a day previously.

Getting a very early refill to start your following pack at some point previously shouldn’t be an concern, Nouhavandi states.

If you have insurance and, by possibility, they provide you any pushback, refusing to give a one-day-beforehand refill, you could pay out of pocket for an additional load yourself.

The bottom line

Accidentally doubling up on your birth regulate sooner or later isn’t reason for alarm, and also it won’t mess with your duration or defense against undesirable pregnancy. Just continue taking your pill as usual the following day to stay on track.

If you uncover you’re messing up your pill schedule on a regular basis, try pairing your pill with one more regular activity, choose brushing your teeth or drinking your morning coffee.

If not, it might be an excellent principle to talk with your healthtreatment expert about various other birth manage options that you won’t need to think around everyday, favor an IUD or implant.

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Last medically reregarded on June 3, 2021


Medically reperceived by Carolyn Kay, M.D. — Written by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst on June 3, 2021

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