Dragon Age: Inquisition - In Huburned Whispers Walkthrough After siding through the mperiods, Dragon Age: Inquisition"s hero is ​thrust forward in time through a mysterious and also charming new ally from Tevinter.

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magister alexius from dragon age inquisition
The Dragon Age franchise has actually never before made it easy to take sides in the contflict in between the mages and the templars. Before the events of Inquisition launched, the tension between the 2 factions reached its breaking suggest, resulting in a destructive battle that promised to tear Thedregarding pieces. When in search of allies versus whatever danger brought about the tragedy at the Temple of Sacred Ashes that opened the Breach, the Herald of Andraste was provided a selection in between the templars and the mperiods.

"In Humelted Whispers" becomes easily accessible after completing the quest "The Threat Remains" and also is obtainable to unlock when the player has actually accumulated 15 power points. The recommended level for this pursuit is in between 4 and seven. Once the quest has been introduced, it will certainly no longer be possible to occupational through the templars, so pick very closely.

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Mission: Meet With the Mperiods at Redcliffe

After launching the pursuit, take a trip to the Hinterlands and head toward Redcliffe to meet through the mages. Upon approaching the gate outside Redcliffe, the party encounters a stselection disturbance as a Fade rift opens up and starts spewing demons out and producing tempdental distortions around it. These distortions are stood for by green and yellow circles on the ground, through the green circles slowing human being who step into them dvery own and also the yellow circles speeding them up. Once the rift has actually been closed, the entrances open up, but the Inquisition pressures on the various other side claim no one was expecting them.

A mage called Lysas arrives to announce that Magister Alexius is in charge, but they are complimentary to meet through Grand also Enchanter Fiona at the tavern while they wait for him. Travel to the tavern, where, when even more, it seems no one was expecting the Herald. Fiona claims that she"s never before met the player character prior to and hasn"t been to Val Royeaux given that prior to the Conclave. She likewise announces that the rebel mperiods have indentured themselves to the Tevinter Imperium. If Vivienne is in the party and also the player tells Fiona that was a mistake, they deserve to earn her approval.

Magister Gereon Alexius and also his kid Felix arrive to negotiate through the Herald for the mages" assistance against the Breach. However before, prior to they have the right to truly begin negotiations, a sickly Felix stumbles into the Herald and also hands them a secret note to fulfill him at the Chantry, as they are in danger. Concerned for his boy, Alexius leaves negotiations, and the Herald deserve to then enter the Chantry.

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Mission: Go to the Chantry

Before leaving the tavern, search the building to find a few codexes to, earn XP and also take a minute to speak through a Tranquil mage named Clemence. He have the right to be recruited right into the Inquisition. There is also a mage named Linnea surrounding, and also engaging through her in conversation deserve to earn approval from Sera, Vivienne and Cassandra if the player agrees mperiods need to be managed or disapproval if they tell her mperiods should be totally free.

Head outside and also left toward the chanattempt. Inside the structure, tright here is an open up Fade rift and a mysterious mage fighting off the demons. Join the fight and cshed the rift, then speak to the mage, who introduces himself as Dorian Pavus. He proceeds to explain his connection to Alexius and just how the Magister arrived before the Inquisition to take charge of the mages. If Vivienne is in the party and also the player asks for evidence of his clintends, she will certainly slightly grant. Moments later on, Felix arrives to confirm Dorian"s story.

Felix notes that his father obtained associated via a deadly team of supremacists referred to as the Venatori, and also whatever before activity he"s been involved in has actually remained in initiative to gain to the Herald of Andraste. If Varric is in the party and the Herald chooses the "I"m flattered" response, he will slightly provide of the snark. Dorian follows the Herald ago to Haven, wright here they determine their technique to meeting with Alexius, which everyone agrees is a trap.

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Mission: Trapped In Time

From this point forward in the mission, Dorian is a required squadmate, and also just two others deserve to be liked. Arriving at Redcliffe Castle, Leliana"s agents plan to infiltprice via a mystery passage in the windmill while the Herald distracts Alexius. While speaking to Alexius, he mentions a deal he made through the Elder One to cure his child, Felix. Sera, The Iron Bull or Solas are the just squadmates who have actually approval options for the liked dialogue with Alexius, so if they are on not existing, no approval or disapproval is earned.

When confronting Alexius about his time magic, he will create a rift. As Dorian attempts to counterspell it, it pressures the Herald and also Dorian into a time portal that lands them in a dystopian future wbelow the Elder One reigns and also red lyrium covers whatever. In the reduced dungeons, the pair come challenge to face through two guards. Defeat them to launch a cutscene with that ends with Dorian and the Herald agreeing to number out what taken place.

Loot the prikid guard for the essential to the cell and also head up the stairs on the left for a dead end via some loot. Return to the landing and also take the various other set of stairs, which lead to a prikid location wright here the mage, Lysas, is consisted of. Interact through him prior to moving on to reach a cavern location guarded by opponents. Take them out and head north on the path to find the other 2 members of the party in prichild cells. They are disoriented, believing the Herald was dead, but they have the right to be freed and also will certainly sign up with on the remainder of the mission. Fiona can additionally be encountered in a cell, and she confirms it is one year from the day of their meeting via Alexius.

Red lyrium corrupted Leliana Inquisition
Head back to the central location with the drawbridge and also take out the Venatori tright here before proceeding up the stairs to the guard barracks. Tbelow are multiple rooms to explore and loot in this location, and supply caches to replenish potions. Once the location has been cleared out, head up the stairs on the left to the torture chambers. Battle the torturer and also loot the body.

Continue forward to open the last door and also launch a cutscene of Leliana snapping the torturer"s neck through her thighs. After freeing her, grab the vital from the dead torturer and head earlier out to the barracks and the locked door on the appropriate. This leads exterior to the docks and also the courtyard of Redcliffe Castle. There are adversaries and also open rifts in this location that need to be closed prior to proceeding into the castle.

Go into the Upper Royal Wing and open the door on the best. If Connor is alive, he may be encountered here prior to committing suicide to protect against coming to be an abomination. Loot the area for journals and the Circle of Magi banner, then proceed to the area with the Rift to close it. Once the demons have actually been eliminated and the Rift closed, open the gate and also head up into the next location.

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There is a locked door that have the right to only be opened up through 5 red lyrium shards. The player and party will certainly have to fight via enemies in the main location and also up the stairs on both sides of the room to access the top levels and track dvery own the spellbinder adversaries transferring the remainder of the shards. Tright here is loot upstairs, as well as concealed rooms and also some Venatori zealots, so use stealth whenever before possible. Once all the shards have been collected, head earlier down to the door to challenge Alexius.

Regardmuch less of dialogue alternatives, the party will need to defeat Alexius to restore time. He is a relatively powerful mage, yet he is not immune to physical attacks, so take advantage of attacks that knock him dvery own or chill him. Once his wellness is diminiburned by one-third, he puts up a obstacle and also a rift opens. Take treatment of the demons and also the rift, then rerotate emphasis to Alexius. Keep in mind that tright here are tempdental distortions on the floor, so be wary of stepping right into them. Once Alexius" health is down two-thirds, an additional barrier and also even more rifts will show up. Deal via them, then end up him off. Once he"s beat, the Herald and also Dorian deserve to go back to the current and also decide exactly how to accept the mages right into the Inquisition.

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Making the meras allies garners approval from Solas, Dorian, Cole (even though he"s not yet there), Varric (if Hawke sided through the mperiods in DA2) and also Blackwall, while the others will refuse. Sera, Vivienne, Cassandra, the Iron Bull and Varric (if Hawke sided with the templars in DA2) grant of taking the mperiods prisoner. Either way, the mages are now at the Inquisition"s disposal and also can assist close the Breach.