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Side Quests (Old Town)

Rupert the Gunsmith

Fidan: Hey, one more thing?

Crane: Yeah?

Fidan: You ever usage a rifle out there? If you perform, you have to watch our gunsmith, Rupert.

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Fidan: That man have the right to craft a Howitzer from a pop-gun.

Crane: A silencer would be even more advantageous, yet where would certainly I discover him?

Fidan: Well, that"s the thing. He hasn"t been in his workshop for a while. You might want to attempt his flat.

Crane: Maybe I"ll carry out that.

Magic Fortress

Rupert: Who are you?

Crane: I"m Crane. I was in search of Rupert.

Rupert: No, you weren"t. You were searching for a gunsmith, who happens to be called Rupert.

Crane: Fair sufficient. I"d favor to talk about some weapon adjustments.

Rupert: You job-related for Rais?

Crane: No.

Rupert: Well, I intend that helps. But I"m waiting for my wife Jasmine to come ago. Until she"s below, I can not leave.

Crane: Has she been gone long?

Rupert: No. Not lengthy. So, it"ll probably be a while before she returns.

Crane: And what around these kids, are their parental fees... ?

Rupert: Dead, I hope. Every day I"m terrified that one of them is going to look out the window, and view their mommy or father shambling dvery own the street.

Rupert: I do not understand what I"m going to carry out once that happens.

Crane: What have you told them?

Rupert: Half-truths, that a dark magic has actually taken over the city, however that I"m a great wizard, that have the right to safeguard them. It"s the type of game that doesn"t finish.

Rupert: Jasmine is much better at this kind of point. Hell, I"m a gunsmith. What am I doing playing this magical nonsense?

Crane: Seems to me you"re doing pretty well.

Rupert: Well, I"m not. There"s a girl called Alya. She"s a diabetic, only her insulin ran out a while earlier. Now her blood sugar is skies high.

Rupert: She"s dehydrated and also tired. Jasmine says if she does not gain some insulin quickly, she"ll slip into a coma and die.

Rupert: And right here I am in this stupid wizard hat, and the children are waiting for me to cure her with a magic potion. Maybe it"s time to tell them the fact.

Rupert: There is no excellent magic. Only the dark type.

Crane: Take it easy, Rupert. There"s a drug save in town. Maybe I might uncover some insulin there.

Rupert: Are you serious? Mister, if you might execute that, I can"t tell you exactly how grateful I"d be.

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Rupert: I"ve obtained a radio right here. If my wife Jasmine comes back, I"ll most likely go home for a while. But I"ll let you recognize prior to I leave.